Conspiring for the Highest Office




Conspiring for the Highest Office


To liberal, progressive and uninformed voters this will come off as corny as Corn Pop himself. To conservative voters following politics it will make perfect sense. So sit back and prepare to be amused.


Remember when it seemed that everyone in Democratic Party politics wanted to jump in the race to oppose President Trump’s reelection? There were sitting members of Congress who overwhelmingly impeached him over false, misleading and unproven allegations of wrong doing as part of their active resistance beginning on day one which continues to this day.


Of the Democratic candidates many were well qualified, some had widespread name recognition and one wasn’t even a Democrat but was favored to receive the nomination. Things from the left are not always what they seem and all of a sudden all the candidates simply dropped out of the race leaving former Vice President Joe Biden as the presumptive Presidential nominee. How did that happen?


Was it because of his many years of “public service”, his connection to his boss former President Obama or some other unknown factor? We may never know for sure. What is perfectly clear to me is that those closest to Biden are using him. In my opinion this is clearly elder abuse and those closest to him should have been protecting him, yet have chosen to exploit him for political purposes, as has the Democratic National Committee.


After weeks of self-isolation in the Biden’s basement bunker in Delaware the announcement of his choice for a Vice Presidential running mate is truly amazing and historical. Without the Democratic Convention or further deliberation his pick of Senator Kamala Harris seemed to be one of outside pressure to pick a younger than him, black female for the VP spot.


Ever since former Secretary Hillary Clinton campaigned on the premise that America is ready for a female president and this is clearly a lead in to making that a possibility. After Barack Obama’s ground breaking election as the 44th President it would only be fitting that a woman could become the 49th Vice President and the first black woman to achieve that lofty goal, if it were just that simple.


As I said earlier things on the left are not just that simple. Democrats seem to forget that the devil is in the details. It has been a long standing goal of the Congressional Black Caucus to have an African-American Woman become President and there is no shortage of highly qualified CBC women to choose from like Friederika Wilson, Maxine Waters, Karen Bass (chairwoman), Eddie Bernice Johnson, Joyce Betty, Robin Kelly, Jahana Hayes, Lauren Underwood, Kamala Harris, Lucy McBeth, Brenda Lawrence, Stacey Plaskett, Gwen Moore, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Yvette Clarke, Marcia Fudge, Alma Adams, Terri Sewell, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eleanor Holmes Norton. Outside the CBC there are many well qualified women who have the background that would make them very good choices for Vice President.


So how did it come about that Kamala Harris was singled out so quickly and by Biden after she had most recently called him out as a sexual abuser of a woman she said she believed? She has political baggage of her own that she brings to the table. It would appear that her father came to the US from Jamaica and her mother from India, both as students in the early 1960s and met in college where they both become politically active in the civil rights movement at UC Berkeley. She claims to have a stroller’s eye-view of the movement.


What is also clear is her qualifications for the VP slot on the Biden ticket were simply that her skin color was black (really brown) and she was a younger woman instead of her political accomplishments which tend to show her true colors (pun intended). Her previous claims of being a black woman or an African-American woman are not supported by her ancestry.


Senator Harris’s 3 ½ years in Congress have given her a legacy of teaming up with Senator Cory Booker and along with other congressional Democrat’s attempted to discredit Judge Kavanagh during his Supreme Court nomination hearing. She sided with a woman Harris said she believed and after the woman admitted to making up false allegations Harris offered no apology for her actions.


There is a lot of gerrymandering going on within the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Party and Congressional Democrats as they attempt to prevent President Trump from being reelected. Yet the Democratic Party playbook is flawed and their failed tactics are driving many democratic voters away. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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