Freedom Matters

Freedom Matters - Branco

Freedom Matters
What is important to your family, your neighborhood, your city and YOUR FUTURE? November 3rd – Vote Wisely
Chose ye this day……………….
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised
R. Defend the Police
D. Defund the Police
R. Defund Planned Parenthood
D. Fund Planned Parenthood
R. Stop the Violence
D. Mostly Peaceful Protests
R. 2nd Amendment – Own and Bear Arms
D. We’re coming for your Guns
R. 1st Amendment – Worship God
D. Church Services spread the Virus
R. Chinese Virus
D. Racist to call it Chinese Virus
R. Open Up America – Back to Normal
D. Stay closed until – Vaccine for All is found
R. Lower Taxes
D. Raise Taxes
R. US Largest Producers of Oil on Earth
D. Eliminate Fossil Fuels
R. Climate Change is a Hoax
D. Climate Change is Real – OAC’s Green New Deal
R. Tariffs or Pay Fair Share
D. No Tariffs
R. Chinese Communist Party is creator of Virus
D. Don’t worry about China
R. Build the Wall – Finish it
D. Tear down the wall – Open border
R. Mail In Ballots for All – Overwhelming Potential for Fraud Abuse
D. Must have Mail in Ballots for All – Unsafe to vote in person
R. Comprehensive Immigration Reform
D. Defund ICE & CBP
R. Vote Common Sense – What have you got to lose?
D. Minorities MUST vote Democratic – like you always have…..
R. Safety and security of Citizens
D. Autonomous Zones and Sanctuary Cities
(Feel Free to Pass it on or Share). – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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