Hypocrisy Revealed

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Hypocrisy Revealed


The double standard of the democratic left has been on full display for all to see. “The Hunt for Red Trump” reminds me of the movie with Sean Connery as the Russian submarine captain trying to defect. Only this is no movie and while President Trump is fighting for the soul of the nation democrats on the left are fighting for full control of the nation and its people. This is not an overnight sensation as it has been going on for well over 21 years. Every President has had to deal with it but seem to capitulate or embrace it rather than confront the menace it has become until now.


The recent events of 2020 leave little hindsight to look back on. The continuation of the failed Russian Collusion Delusion led to the impeachment of President Trump without a crime, the criminalization of members of the President’s campaign and administration.


Throw the radicalization of domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter spreading violence faster than a wildfire wreaking havoc upon America like never before. Innocent lives lost, immeasurable damage to public and private property and rather than condemning the violence politicians actually aided the violators. Many were simply catch and release in the revolving door justice system of New York politics, while the hunt for wrong doings continue with the recent arrest of Steve Bannon a former Trump campaign staffer. New York City is experiencing an increase in crime and many of the rich and famous have already left the city, moving to more hospitable cities and even moving their business enterprises with them because of the craziness of Mayor DE Blasio and Governor Cuomo’s handling of crime and the virus which have turned NYC into a disaster area.


Has the violence stopped in Portland, Oregon where Antifa and BLM openly attack police and citizens at random and at will?


Has the violence stopped in Seattle, Washington where Antifa and BLM assaulted the city center, claiming their separate nation of CHAD, later known as CHOP where police were not allowed to enter? What about vandalizing the Mayor’s residence? A mayor who basically said they were young people having fun or some such nonsense.


I haven’t even mentioned Minneapolis, Minnesota; Houston, Texas; Los Angeles and San Francisco, California; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois or …….wait a minute let’s take a quick at Chicago.


All the defund the police hyperbole coming from places like Chicago where Mayor Lori Lightfoot (it’s only fair to use her name as she recently showed her true colors) actively promoted reducing funding for Chicago Police without dismissing her personal security detail, just yesterday made some brazen statements that tell how she really feels underneath the political mask of the Democrat Party. During what must have been a heated interview she blurted out for protesters to go back to unimportant neighborhoods and stay out of her neighborhood as she claimed she had a right to protect her home? That coming from a public official such as Chicago where innocent lives are lost due to gun violence EVERY DAY and Mayor Lightfoot has a responsibility to provide public safety to everyone in Chicago. I’d say it’s time for the mayor to step down, immediately if not sooner. It’s not so much because of what she said, but it’s shirking her responsibility and making Chicago a more violent city by failing to provide a safe environment for the people who live there.


There are many other cities with Democrat Party leadership at city and state levels who fail to provide safe cities. Baltimore, Maryland’s mayor claimed people are not leaving in droves. Aren’t droves how the cowboys used to move cattle across the prairies?  I’d say people are tired of not mattering to the politicians who claim to have their backs, but buy into the BLM insanity. This insanity could have been prevented had it not been enable by former President Barack H. Obama who invited the BLM leader into the Oval Office on more than one occasion during his eight years in office.


That brings me to my next point. If you watched the DNC Convention (I did not) you might have seen it was the most unconventional convention ever. Prerecorded speakers, juggling acts and from the basement sleepy Joe Biden and the chameleon Kamala Harris accepted the Democratic Party nomination to run against President Trump and Vice President Pence. What you would also have seen and heard was a who’s who of orators blaming all the issues of the nation on the current administration, even placing blame for their misadministration of justice, honor and freedom over the previous eight years of Obama/Biden. It kind of reminded me of some recent funerals where speaker after speaker came to the podium to remember the deceased while bashing the sitting President, and against tradition – by the living former Presidents. Sure glad they didn’t call upon the dead presidents to speak.


And did I mention the WuFlu, Coronavirus? How did they come up with the term Corona? Was it a couple of guys sitting around drinking Corona and they were the experts? I hope not. Seriously this virus should have been called ElectionVirus-19 because it appeared just prior to the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election and has grown steadily worse in the fear driven media. All the so called medical experts have taken the unprecedented position of discrediting a well proven drug that has worked well for over 75 years. A drug that has proven effective for the COVID-19 in early stage prevention and treatment and chosen to sideline it and bench EVERY medical doctor who has come out in support of its successful use.  Even social media has taken to silence dissenting voices by removing, blocking or suspending the accounts of those who speak out in favor of its use.


The Democratic Party’s congressional leadership in the House and Senate are committed to one thing and one thing only – that President Trump not be re-elected. The DNC convention brought all the failed party former officials who are each in their own right responsible for the condition of the nation. America has been shut down because of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, while Wuhan, China (the epicenter of the virus) is back to normal. Let that sink in!


I will close with these words, “The reason I am standing before you as President is because President Obama and Joe Biden did a terrible job!” President Donald J. Trump – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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