Stacking the Deck



Stacking the Deck


The term to “stack the deck” is an American idiom used in various contexts simply means to cheat or fix something to achieve ones desired outcome.


In the world of business stacking the deck is where one could take credit for the work of another to get that coveted promotion.


In gambling stacking the deck might be to add or arrange cards in order to win.


In politics stacking the deck could be called insider trading where knowledge or strategically placed contacts will give one the advantage in an election like evidence supporting opposing arguments is rejected, omitted or simply ignored.


Over the past 4 years of the Trump presidency we’ve seen “Stacking the deck” as a technique that’s commonly used in propaganda. A legitimate crisis is downplayed while opposition politics creates manufactured crisis which cannot be ignored. Arguments presenting counterevidence is slanting or one-sided assessments imply and use fear to drive voters.


Look back at the political implications that President Trump is a womanizer, sexual abuser, self-centered bigot, and racist, homophobic and hates he women. Every one of those accusations has been proven false by the very nature of his words and actions.


What has also been proven is that Trump is out of control, out of the leftist politicians control and is not one to back down when faced with threats or intimidation. When faced with massive waves of migrant convoy’s intent on crashing the US border, he closed the border. Then Trump went a step further and applied pressure on Central American governments to stop the flow of migrants headed north. This was a different tactic than the open border agenda of the Obama administration.


When faced with national disaster’s Trump went on the ground where he met and talked with American’s affected by the disaster. He instructed federal agencies to expedite relief supplies and funds directly to the areas and people in need.


When faced with civil unrest within the nation Trump unleashed federal DOJ taskforces to restore law and order to communities in which Democratic lead mayors and governors strongly resisted federal intervention, yet did nothing to stop the violence or protect the citizens in their areas.


The one strikingly clear picture Americans have seen repeated over and over has been the resistance of a democratically led congress. The failed impeachment of President Trump and the constant drone of oversight investigations that lead nowhere should be an obvious indicator that Congressional Democrats have intentionally “stacked the deck” in an effort of removing this president from office and have committed themselves to doing whatever is necessary to prevent his re-election at all costs.


There have been direct and repeated threats against the family and life of President Trump made by sitting members of congress, former officials of both the Obama and Trump administrations and most recently one by Speaker Nancy Pelosi that “he won’t be president in 2021, one way or another!”


It’s been said that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is a sign of insanity and the Democrats have been using the same failed playbook for more than 4 years achieving the same failed results.


The 2020 Democratic debates and subsequent DNC Convention all show that common sense has not been in play in the Democratic Party for quite some time. They are clearly NOT the party of the common man, the working man or woman on the streets of America. Their interests are not the betterment of an America to be proud of, but forcing their power by the submission of voters to cast their ballots for democratic candidates or face the wrath of Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs with the power to vandalize, maim and kill with impunity anyone who stands in opposition.


The promises of the Biden/Harris ticket are to tax, tax and more taxes; gun confiscation or imprisonment; defund law enforcement; eliminate oil production in America and continue the shutdown of America until there is no more resistance.


Don’t believe me? Listen and read for yourselves the political promises made by the Biden/Harris team. Look at their track record of political accomplishments. Is lying, cheating “stacking the deck”, sexual manipulation for purely political gain the qualities you approve of and accept?




President Trump 3 ½ years working for America, without pay and fighting a resistant Congress; while securing our border; stopping drugs and human traffickers; and addressing the international community’s failure to adequately pay for America’s protection; lowering taxes; bringing manufacturing jobs back on American soil and more.


Biden = 36 years in Congress, 8 years as Obama’s VP and 4 years of selling China’s unimportance.

Harris = 13 years in California politics in AG’s office and as AG putting many in prison for minor offenses and standing up for violators against children, the 3 ½ years in Senate – actively resisting Trump.


November 3rd is Election Day in America. Your choice, your vote can make a difference, and will surely make a statement about you. Voting Red, Blue or not at all is a statement you will forever live with. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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