No Dog in the Fight




No Dog in the Fight


We used to have an expression for people having nothing personally connected to an item, a job, or a particular cause or movement. We called it several things, no skin in the game, not invested, or no dog in the fight.


When we are born we literally have the skin on our bodies in the game of life. Death strips away our ability to contribute to the overall welfare of mankind so we must do our part until death overtakes us. Doing our part is called being responsible for our actions, setting an example others can follow and holding ourselves and others accountable. There is only one person who will answer for what you do, day or how you act and that person is YOU.


Do you know why dogs run in packs? Because it’s easier to follow the leader and dogs don’t make individual choices as to where to go, what or why they do things. Dogs can be man’s best friend or fierce enemy. Once they smell and taste the blood of their prey nothing else matters.


So why do people run in packs? Are they just mindless globs of jelly? Do they not see the folly in their efforts? Can they not realize the futileness of their misguided efforts? The answer may be simpler than you might think. Power drives the pack or mob. Power over another person can be intoxicating. Fear is a drug all by itself. Fear renders people helpless. Peer pressure controls what individuals feel, think or do as nothing can go against the pack or its leader.


Add politics into the mix and it can become super deadly fast. Now it becomes a matter of financing to maintain control over the mob. Someone must set the agenda, provide necessary resources and have the right political connections so that channeled resources continue forward as planned. The one financing and planning organized political and civil unrest don’t even have to get involved or dirty their hands so long as the money continues to grease the wheels. They can launder their finances through various channels in order to give themselves plausible deniability. Floating rumors and conspiracy theories can often throw investigators off the scent of the real power brokers and make people look foolish in the eyes of the public until someone slips up and lets the cat out of the bag.


The foolish thing about criminals is they think they are smarter than anyone else, including the police. They often feel they are “higher” than everyone else. They often tend to flaunt their skills and fling their bling at the wrong time, place or at the wrong people and sooner or later they when they get caught they will almost always blame someone else or their environmental upbringing as the reason they do what they do and the reason they got caught.


*NOTE = No animals have been hurt, dogs were not fighting and cats were not contained in any kind of bags in the telling of this story. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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