Pelosi Apology Owed




Pelosi Apology Owed


Have you heard the one about the democrat who walks into a San Francisco hair salon? This is the kind of story that could only happen in a Hollywood movie right? Wrong, it happened just this week as businesses have been closed down due to COVID-19.


An assistant for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi contacted a hairdresser who booth rents at a hair salon in San Francisco and made an afternoon appointment for the classic shampoo and blow dry. It was odd as almost all the nearby businesses had been boarded up due to heavy COVID-19 restrictions.


It’s unclear how this particular independent contractor had been contacted, yet the Pelosi assistant said they complied with all the rules as laid out by the establishment. That being the case why was madam speaker prancing around without wearing the required mask? Why was she even there in the first place?


The salon owner said her coming to the salon that had been closed for several months was a slap in the face to stylists throughout the city and nationwide as they continue to be shut down BECAUSE Speaker Pelosi refuses to negotiate with House Republicans to allow the nation to open up the economy.


So now Speaker Pelosi is demanding an apology from the salon owner for leaking her pictures to the press. Now where did I hear about leaking before? Oh yes I remember, it was continually during the past 4 years as leaking Trump stuff was considered fair game by House and Senate Democrats.


I’m surprised that the stylist didn’t unload on the speaker for not exercising her power in the House to broker a compromise with House Republicans and get the second stimulus check bill over to the President for his signature and money into the hands of the people who truly need a hand to pay bills, buy food and just to survive?


Now that the shoe is truly on the other foot, it is my personal opinion that an apology is owed to Americans from Speaker Pelosi and every politician at national, state and city level for putting our citizens and legal residents through the COVID-19 nightmare of the past 3+ months. Their failure to recognize what they have done to the average American families will set themselves up for chasing their registered voters over to the Trump camp, and many House and Senate congressional members will pay dearly in 60+ short days.


I have a feeling this will not pass anytime soon so Madam Speaker it seems that “what is good for the goose is also good for the ganderess”, would you like Ketchup to go with that egg-mask massage? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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