Getting Caught Up In the Politic of Politics




Getting Caught Up In the Politic of Politics


Many of you have been reading my Real Truckmaster blogs and know my political preferences. It is nothing new to voice my opinion and call it like I see it. I haven’t always been politically active, but have a deep sense of patriotism when it comes to honoring the flag and the constitution.


Politics as we see it today hasn’t always been that way. Democrats haven’t acted the way they do now. Republicans haven’t done things the way they do now either. In fact we have more diverse views of politics being expressed by factions inside congress that are a reflection of the divisiveness in our society.


There have been times in our nation’s history where America reluctantly took up arms to combat and defeat fascism, Marxism and Communism rising up to threaten various parts of the world abroad. We call them World Wars where one side is determined to take by force and rule over a tribe, ethnicity, country or an entire continent, with the goal of worldwide domination.


In our country very few remember Senator McCarthy of years gone by who read on the floor of Congress the names of suspected card carrying Communists members in Congress. It created a huge scandal and it was thought that under every rock was a Communist. Fast forward in today’s world people proudly proclaim themselves to be fascists, Marxists and Communists and tout those ideologies as something to be sought after in America. Our long term Cold War with the former soviets and today’s technological war with the Chinese seem so non-threatening until the emergence of the China Virus which affects us even now.


I’m from Idaho, also part of the Pacific Northwest where we have active groups rising up in the Pacific Northwest in places like Portland and Seattle spreading across the nation like wildfires left unchecked. I saw a FB mem recently that said “only you can prevent Communism”.


So what does our future hold, we’ll just have to wait and see? I know the hardheadedness of people who want to do their own thing and be left alone, it’s in their DNA much like our pioneer ancestry and we’re fiercely patriotic which my family calls bringing out the Wilson.


I may be just getting old but I have no tolerance for stupid. When I see disrespectful people I just want to lay hands on them and straighten them out. Some might call me old school or maybe it’s my military training but I really don’t have time for nonsense. We used to have our own board of education, which naturally grew on grandma’s willow tree out back. She’d even let you (make you) go pick your own switch.


America is at a political crossroad. The choice could be no clearer than a candidate who blames America for being America or the one who looks forward to the greatness of an American future. We can no longer blame others for what we allow ourselves to settle for in politics. We must look past ourselves to envision what we can achieve individually and as a nation. Do we shoot for the moon, the stars and beyond or settle for just shooting the bull? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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