Democratic Meltdown


Democratic Meltdown

This is the world we live in as Chicago-style politics of threats and intimidation are not reasonable actions of sane people or even actions of last resort. No, these are business as usual for lifelong Congressional Democrats who DEMAND to have their way or no way.

It matters not that yesterday America lost a great fighting spirit in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after she succumbed to cancer. As the word began trickling out over the social media I doubt that her body had hardly begun to cool before liberal lefts in Congress began demanding the selection of her replacement be delayed until after the election. Some media outlets claimed to have her deathbed statement declaring her wished to be replaced by the next elected president. It wasn’t long before threats and intimidation tactics from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was also demanding the replacement be delayed until after the election or “everything is off the table”. Doesn’t that sound childish? Social activists were quick to threaten riots (as if we haven’t already had enough) and even threatened to burn down the SCOTUS building if the Senate confirms President Trump’s nominee.

Today the FBI announced that a package mailed to President Trump was intercepted, examined and determined to contain the deadly poison Ricin. This was not a hoax, like what we experienced during the primary election of 2018 when the mail bomber sent packages out to prominent Democrats, a few entertainers and maybe a RINO or two. Within hours the FBI had surrounded a residence, confiscated a van and declared the guilty party had been arrested. Then crickets…….. What happened next?

Let me be clear not all Democrats are this devious or self-centered however those who are bitten by or get a taste of the power bug become radically changed when they get into the DC swamp.

For average mid-American voters you don’t really count unless you tow Democratic Party line and vote a straight blue ticket. If you’re a minority voter you MUST vote blue or you’re not minority enough. Isn’t that outright crazy politics?

Democratic incompetence is astonishing. Recently in Minneapolis the city council voted to defund the police. LEO leadership eligible took a retirement package and many officers simply hung up their uniforms and I would hope they began packing up their families and possessions to move out of state. The citizens of Minneapolis began wondering where are the police as nobody answering 911 calls; no police presence in increasingly high crime neighborhoods. They still can’t figure out what is going on?

I hate to keep rubbing it in, but BLUE CITIES AND STATES ARE FAILING TO PROTECT THEIR CITIZENS due to mismanagement at city council, mayoral or governorship levels. Elected officials are deathly afraid of upsetting the criminal elements in their jurisdictions so they go out with the rioters and help vandalize THEIR OWN HOMES, then wonder what happened (reminds me of Hillary).

I would hate to be a Democrat who has to tell their children and grandchildren – that’s me – I did that!

I voted for that crazy Biden/Harris team because I wanted Trump to lose at any cost.

Well you might not like his crude way of speaking, his mannerisms, or even his past reputation (as presented by the fake news media). You may be jealous of his lifestyle of the rich and famous when he was younger. That’s ok. You’re not marrying him. He’s not your sugar daddy. But you have to admit that he’s determined to win. Trump doesn’t give up. He remains focused on the goal or the prize.

Trump has campaigned as the Law and Order president amid all the lawlessness and civil unrest perpetuated against America citizens in democratically run cities and states and they are scared to death that after inauguration day, Trump will take the gloves off the DOJ and clean up the mess they have left behind. I say left behind because even Democratic voters deserve better, cleaner, and safer places to raise their families. Really smart voters will turn the tables on elected officials in their states turn them RED.

We are 45 days away from re-electing the 45th President Donald Trump and the Democrat politicians are worried that he will destroy the country by his crazy agenda – jobs, jobs, jobs and Trump gets results = the Wall; peace in the Middle East; Tariffs to equalize foreign trade deficits; bringing our troops home from these endless wars; and don’t forget POW/KIA remains returned from many of our former adversaries around the world.  Trump has broken many presidential records in just 4 years and where Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing of substance in his first 8 months in office. Trump has been nominated for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes for obtaining Peace in the Middle East and as more countries come forth as Kuwait just did there may be more NPPs in Trump’s future. Trump made it clear when asked by the press – PEACE IS THE PRIZE.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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