When Society Fails


When Society Fails

It’s sad when someone dies in a senseless act of violence. We call that murder. It is also sad when someone chooses to live a life of crime and get killed as a result of that choice. What is really sad is when someone makes bad choices that result in their needless death. But when society chooses to dismiss violent crime resulting in death as normal, everyday life in the big city it is beyond sad.

There are deliberate acts of violence resulting in death – bank robberies; drug deals gone bad; muggings; murder; armed robberies; home invasions and stick ups that are committed for the most part by someone wanting easy money or something that does not belong to them. In every case when lives are lost they can never be recovered. Families mourn the loss and countless lives are forever changed.

Recently media outlets float false narratives designed to make victims out of the guilty parties. Once a story hits the press it’s often the innocent who must disprove what they are portrayed in the media. By then it’s often too late as “heard” mentality has already kicked in.

That happened in the case of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020. Officers were seen on cell phone video blatantly abusing the suspect during his arrest and he died on a city street in police custody in front of witnesses. Impossible to defend and police officers were fired and charged. But again it was too little, too late as full scale riots, vandalism, looting and even killing of innocent citizens occurred in Minneapolis and several cities across the nation. His televised funeral drew national media attention and made him out to be a hero. A Go Fund Me page in his honor went on to raise millions of dollars and for whom? When the medical examiner released the results of his autopsy the ME concluded that he had died not of asphyxiation but as a result of a drug overdose. The autopsy was immediately contested by family, friends and strangers because it didn’t fit the narrative of cop killing an innocent black man.

That happened again in the case of Breonna Taylor’s death by police in Kentucky in September 2020. Officers executing a no-knock warrant to arrest Breonna Taylor did knock before entering the home or apartment she was in. Her then boyfriend fired at police. Breonna Taylor was hit by return fire from police as she stood in the hallway and died on the scene. Again the “heard” mentality struck again and resulted in full scale riots, vandalism, looting and the shooting of other police officers after a grand jury failed to indict 2 officers and even though 1 officer was indicted for his misconduct.

When 2 police officers in California were ambushed by a lone gunman, protesters blocked the hospital’s emergency room entrance chanting “We hope they die” as the officers were in surgery. When the 2 officers were shot in Kentucky there were no peaceful protests either. When police officers were attacked in Seattle’s former CHAZ area recently media recorded apparent misconduct by police and an investigation has begun. In each case the misconduct of violent criminals is disregarded and the public service of police officers is turned into disgraceful service by baseless accusations. When society fails to respect authority or obey the laws designed to protect them and side with criminals where does the blame lie? Who is held responsible? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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