Ninety Miles An Hour With Your Hair On Fire


Ninety Miles An Hour With Your Hair On Fire

On this Saturday morning I want to review an event that should unite us as Americans. We are the only country in the world with elections every four years to choose a president. We go through a process called campaigning where those wanting to be placed into the center (the hot seat) and smack dab into the hot bed of politics give us their best sales pitch. Why anyone would want to do that to themselves is anyone’s guess?

In my estimation there are two kinds of people who run for the office of President of the United States. The first kind is those seeking power as they have been bitten by the political power bug. Like a vacuum cleaner that can never get enough power to satisfy, they want more. They are the ones who thing they know how to do the job better than the president.

Typically they are elected officials who have butted heads and consider themselves better and wiser than him. They know how the political game is played. I wonder how they would feel if it became a rule or law that any elected official in Congress would have to resign their elected seat upon officially entering the race for President of the United States. Would they stay committed to run that race?

Then there are elected officials at city or state level who think they are up to the task of becoming president because they are or have been mayors of large cities or governors of important states and have managed budgets and personnel.

And then there are average citizens who are simply tired of what they see as abuse and misuse of power by politicians and feel they can do a much better job than the one sitting in the White House.

There is the incumbent President of the United States who has served for the past four years accomplishing the many campaign promises he ran on four years earlier, but feels that another term is needed to complete tasks that remain unfinished.  He has met the challenges of the office head on with grit and determination and has not backed down. He has conquered his most challenging foe – self-doubt.

This president has faced many challenges, what most would call unsurmountable obstacles, with the dogged determination to succeed and knowing that failure was not an option. Many of those obstacles came from within his own staff, his administration, the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government as well as deep state, career government officials.

The media served its designated purpose to sow division among the American people not by reporting the news as it happened, but becoming the news and reporting falsehoods, accusations and misinformation slanted to taint the sitting president and his administration. The media responded to dog whistle triggers by “leaked” unnamed sources with hot news stories of infidelity, sexual exploitation, and actions or events that never happened in constant attempts to discredit the president.

Presidential campaign promises became cannon fodder, yet when promises made became promises kept there was not acknowledgement or recognition of accomplishment in the media. Instead there were derogatory and discouraging reports designed to minimize or negate the promise.

When national emergencies arose (hurricane, tornado, flood, fire or pandemic) the official response was taken by the media and liberal politicians and turned around to infer a minimal or lack of response. Rather than bring America together as one fighting for national unity, it became a trigger for misinformation breeding division and hatred that has lasted for more than four years.

I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge the politicians who promise to fix everything wrong in America. These are a combination of career, life-time politician and current member of Congress who together have identified the issues facing America and have determined the end all to end all political solutions that Americans are dying to have – FREE STUFF!

A member of the previous administration with 47 years in politics who has faced many of the same political issues as the current president, yet failed to make positive or lasting changes to help American citizens when they needed it most, yet claim to have set up the current president and along with a sitting member of Congress who has fought against this president, combined they are claiming his successes as their own.

One need not be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to see through the smoke-screen of the political left who at every dog whistle run around at ninety miles per hour with their hair on fire falsely claiming the nation under another term of a Trump presidency will be worse than ever before. I don’t buy that, not for a second.

For all those who buy into the free stuff – college debt forgiveness, money for new home buyers, medical and monthly checks for all to be paid for by the 1%ers making $Ms. How long will that last especially since many lifetime members of Congress fall into that category?

Most American’s have learned that investing oneself into a job or career where one works hard to provide for your family reaps the best rewards – buying what you need and want is better than becoming a “bond servant” through a government welfare program. If you don’t buy it, you don’t own it but are simply using it until the government decides to take it back.

Democrats want you to stay rooted in the party due to your station in life or your ethnic heritage because that’s the way it has been. Don’t fall for it.

Republicans want you to explore the possibilities of what you can do and what you choose to do in life regardless of your unique situation in life. What have you got to lose?

Both political parties say this election is the most important election in the history of our nation and it is. Although each have their agenda one for big government and public servitude by submitting to the power of elected officials; the other by smaller government, less regulations or restrictions and returning power back to the people.

Are you running around with your hair on fire? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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