So Trump Got The China Virus


So Trump Got The China Virus

When it was released on Friday that President Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive for the China Virus a serious frenzy began immediately on social media and in cable and television news before being picked up in the print media while leftists began posting “They brought it upon themselves” and worse for not wearing masks at those massive Trump rallies.  Well I hate to break it to you but there is no science supporting the wearing of masks or face coverings to protect you or anyone else from ANY virus. Many doctors have come out to say that social distancing is unnecessary and causes unnecessary psychological issues. Doctors have said that taking HZQ is not necessary either, unless you come down with symptoms of the virus. In that case you should consult your physician for prescribed treatment.

Naysayers began discussion of the line of succession and the 25th Amendment which details procedures if the president is unable to discharge his duties. They argue who is next in line should both Trump and Pence both test positive? Well hold on pilgrim it seems that you overlooked something a tad bit important…….the virus has close to a 99% survival rate among those of all age categories who become infected and test positive.

Trump supporters began calling on prayer warriors to pray for safe and speedy recovery to the first family and White House staff that testing positive for the virus as well. The president announced he was feeling good but under his doctor’s orders was being admitted to Walter Reed for treatment. The doctors release a bit of information that the president had been given H2O to boost his oxygen saturation level which had dropped down to 92%. He was receiving a cocktail of medicines to fight COVID and was responding very well and was in good spirits. The media began making a huge deal out of him receiving H2O, but that is standard procedure when hospitalized. The president’s oxygen saturation level rose back up to normal 96% – 98% levels.

Then the unexpected began occurring as scheduled Trump rallies cancelled due to the virus. Trump supporters began showing up outside of Walter Reed Medical Center, outside the White House and at the Mall as thousands brought the MAGA Rally to support the president. On Sunday Trump left his hospital suite to drive by waving to his supporters and sent them 100 pizzas as his way of showing support. The press had a fit that Trump was campaigning instead of hunkering down in his hospital room like what Bunker Joe Biden does normally every day. Someone even tried convincing herself and anyone who listened that this act by the president deserves the 25th Amendment be enacted.

What we are seeing is that testing positive for COVID is not a death sentence. If promptly treated by medical doctors the patient can expect to fully recover. The fact that President Trump is not incapacitated nor is he cut off from discharging his duties. The media has failed to convince voters that President Trump is trailing Biden and even while hospitalized. Word is out that President Trump will be discharged from Walter Reed later on today and once back at the White House we will see renewed efforts to energize American voters just 29 days before the election, it’s clear that Trump will be reelected by a landslide as many Democrats are waking from their slumber and are tired of the political hype that has kept them enslaved to the failed Democratic Party. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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