The Full Weight of American Justice


The Full Weight of American Justice

This morning the Department of Justice conducted a press conference announcing that ISIS terrorists from Great Britain known as the “Beatles” (because of their British accent) who beheaded 4 Americans in the Middle East were in FBI custody and scheduled to face American Justice.

The DOJ spokesman gave an ominous warning to terrorists “If you kill Americans anywhere in the world we will find you and you will face American military, surviving that, you will be brought to the US to face justice in American courts and life in an American prison. Your life will not be easy.”

As I watched the press conference I said to myself what about these domestic terrorists on American soil? Are they too going to face American justice?

America has had to sit by and watch as our cities are terrorized, our citizens taken hostage, property damaged or destroyed and American lives lost by home-grown domestic terrorists who act with impunity and in many cases with politicians who are complicit and/or actively supporting, even participating in their destructive activities.

We are in the final stretch of a Presidential Election like no other in history where one man has not only rocked the political boat, but tipped it upside down. President Donald Trump challenged the political establishment in 2016 and won the battle, yet the war continued for 4 long years as he makes good on his promise to drain the swamp. First he must expose the deep state with entrenched career civil servants who place political preference to maintain the status quo over constitutional standards.

The battle seems endless as manufactured misinformation and scandalous hijinks have put America on trial and on the world stage. Initially presented as Russian Collusion, Spygate has dragged on so long that Americans no longer have recollection of its origin. The continuous calling it fake news has deafened public awareness and they now feel like President Trump is akin to the boy crying wolf and that is about to change.

What Hillary Clinton began in her bid for the presidency by concocting the fake Russian narrative of Trump – Russia Collusion was simply a cover to keep her misuse of official emails and private servers to conduct official business a secret. Her actions violated national security protocol on many levels and had it occurred to anyone else they would still be in federal lockup serving severe sentences.

The fact that President Obama was aware of and signed on to Spygate in 2016 opens a whole new box for Pandora. It implicates everyone his upper level administration, the CIA, DOJ and Homeland Security at a minimum, including Directors, chief assistants and field agents of the FBI who orchestrated and/or participated in covering up the scandal.

Barack Obama proudly declared, “We have had no scandals in our administration that have embarrassed us”. He didn’t say there were no scandals, but the ones he got away with didn’t embarrass him. That may be coming back to bite him as recently released documents confirm that all the key players knew the boss wanted to know everything and was briefed fully by CIA Director Brennan in 2016.

The game changed when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump so the JV team went into full backup mode, initiating Plan B, which was the Mueller Investigation. For 2 years and $M expended the result was a bust. The only collusion was Hillary Clinton, the DNC and Russia, but it was ignored, not investigated.

So failed was the Mueller Investigation that following Democratic procedures after the investigation was completed, rather than securing all evidence collected and preventing it from disappearing, the entire Mueller team purposefully cleared all cell phone data even though they had received instructions not to. That is all but one investigator on loan to the Mueller team, who did not get the memo (or ignored it).

With less than 30 days before the 2020 election President Trump has had enough. Just yesterday he ordered the declassification without redactions of ALL documents pertaining to Spygate and the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. The implications are both personal and political as the best and brightest of the Democratic Party have played a very handicapped game of political poker with the Biden-Harris team hoping to unseat the Trump-Pence team.

The Democratic Party has reached deep into the DNC political chest attempting to stop President Trump by blocking and resisting him and his administration at every turn. They use the fake news media to spin fabricated non-stories, allegations of misconduct and even declaring that Trump isn’t even a real politician.

Not only have we seen what DNC has done, but now there is proof that many deep state players are involved, and I suspect that a great many more names will surface from both sides of the isle as we learn which members and former-members of Congress were and are actively involved in Spygate.

I might remind all of these governmental criminals about the notice issued today about American Justice and life behind bars upon conviction of federal crimes of Treason, Subversion, Coup and just plain old lying to America. We have a special set of skills to hunt you down and bring you to American Justice. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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