Kamala Harris on Full Display


Kamala Harris on Full Display

I didn’t watch the debate. I watched only part of an after debate discussion. I taped the debate for watching at a later time (maybe today, maybe not). I don’t know if any of my concerns were debated or even discussed. I know and have seen what President Trump is doing to unite Americans with a purpose of making America great once again.

What I would like to have had Senator Harris answer point blank are these questions:

  1. Are you for or against “packing the SCOTUS” with liberal justices?
  2. Are you for or against abortion?
  3. Are you for or against banning fossil fuel mining and/or usage?
  4. Are you for or against opening up US boarders?
  5. Are you for or against raising taxes?
  6. Are you for or against strengthening the US military?
  7. Do you condemn or condone acts of domestic terrorism happening in the US?
  8. Do you consider Antifa a domestic terrorist organization?
  9. Do you consider Proud Boys a domestic terrorist organization?
  10. Do you consider the Black Lives Matter organization domestic terrorists?
  11. Do you consider Trump supporters domestic terrorists?
  12. Do you feel it is patriotic to disrespect the man and the office of the president?
  13. How do you really feel about a Joe Biden presidency?
  14. Justify your visit to the rapist you in the hospital and telling him you are proud of him?
  15. What are your expectations of the job of Vice President?
  16. What have you done as a US Senator that convinces voters you have their best interests at heart?
  17. What have you done in your professional career to help victims of crime?
  18. What have you done personally to fight the China Virus?
  19. Will you be proud to serve under a President Joe Biden?
  20. Would you support legislation or rule in Congress requiring immediate resignation of office to officially run for the office of president or vice president?

What truly amazes me is how someone expects to come across as believable when running for political office without saying anything of substance. Did any of my questions get asked? Did any of them get answered? One outtake I saw was Senator Harris saying “You have to be loyal to your friends and keep your adversaries in check.” That sounds a lot like something President Trump said back in 2017, “You can’t always choose your friends, that’s life. You can never fail to recognize your enemies.” 

So maybe a better question to ask Senator Harris, “Who are your friends and who is your adversary?” From where I stand it appears like her friends are like-minded congressional democrats and we Americans are her adversary.  Her record in the California Attorney General’s office speaks volumes about who she is personally and politically. Her record in the US Senate presents a clear picture of her politics as illustrated by the recent Kavanaugh hearings and the impeachment trial of President Trump. Does she not think Americans can see through her politics? Does she really think Americans are that gullible?

I question your judgement if you have bought into the lies, the deceit and the misinformation of the liberal Democratic Party, the DNC and their failed candidates simply because you don’t like Trump. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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