All Roads Lead to Bama – and Not Ally


All Roads Lead to Bama – and not Ally

The bible tells us there is nothing new under the sun and there’s a time and a place for every season, so why is it so hard when it comes to political corruption to follow the money? From the time of his youth Barry Sotoro lived a mysterious life as a foreigner in a foreign land – Indonesia. There are things that one learns in that environment and survival is the ultimate life lesson.

Upon returning to his homeland, the United States Barry began a new adventure as a foreign student with special privileges and opportunities. He was likeable and made friends easily, but became influenced by radical segments of society as America went through a period of social change.

After his college years a radicalized Barry chose to become Barack and took the surname of his father Obama. He went on to law school and began a career as a community organizer specializing in American law as it applied to low income and disadvantaged Americans. He began teaching power courses that stressed amassing people and money to accumulate and grow a power base using the techniques of Saul Alinsky.

So successful was his teachings that he was noticed by Chicago’s political elite and appointed by the Governor of Illinois to fill an empty State Senate seat. He ran for election and won. He was a rising star of undreamed potential and ran for the US Senate seat representing Illinois. He not only won, but was re-elected to a second term. Still building his power base he began amassing a huge amount of power without drawing attention to himself until he leaped on the national stage at the 2008 DNC convention and swept the spotlight away from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to capture the nomination and ultimately the presidency away from Republican candidate John McCain, winning by a landslide promising to bring about fundamental change to America. (“As you have never seen before,” said FLOTUS Michelle Obama).

As the newly sworn in President #44, Obama was nominated for and received the coveted Nobel Peace Prize, not for what he had done (that was all behind the scenes) but for what it was thought he could do as the first African-American president to unite and bring about world peace.

He soon began assembling his inner circle and adding an additional layer of “Czars” as intermediaries between him and his cabinet. He once stated that if it was not prohibited by the Constitution he would do it. So successful was he at engaging people he ran and was re-elected beating Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

It was during this second term when things began happening under the radar – ACORN; Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac; Fast and Furious; Benghazi; Affordable Care Act; DACA; the sale of Uranium to Russia; $B palletized money flown on USAF aircraft to Iran; School Shootings; and the Hillary Clinton email scandal and more as Obama said “We’ve had no scandals to embarrass us during our administration”. Everything was coming up smelling like roses as the Obama plan was set up for phase two as Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee was set to beat Republican challenger Donald Trump to replace #44.

Not everything goes quite the way you plan and as they say in law enforcement nobody said criminals were smart and there’s no such thing as a perfect crime. Obama had assembled his dream team at the top levels of the Homeland Security team (CIA, FBI & NSA) to continue carrying out his plan under the first female president Hillary Clinton. Add her 8 years to Obama’s 8 years and the fundamental transformation of America would have been a reality. So “What Happened” Hillary’s book was so infamously titled?

To the shock and amazement of America and the world Donald Trump won the presidency and became the 45th President of the United States. The political world went into severe shock and to date there has been no peaceful transfer of power from #44 to #45. What transpired after the inauguration has amounted to a bloodless-coup attempt. With conspiring members of Congress, the media and Deep State operatives resisting the president over the past 4 years with every imaginable concoction of fabricated tales that make Anderson Fairy Tales look more like Dr. Spock. Early in his administration Trump told a group of college students, “You can’t always choose your friends. That’s life but you cannot fail to recognize your enemies.”

There have been allegations against President Trump of sexual misconduct decades prior to being elected; allegations of Russian Collusion; the Mueller Investigation; allegations of holding US aid funds for political favor with Ukraine leading to a fabricated Impeachment; the attack of the China Virus that brought the US and world economies into near ruin; attempts to thwart 3 SCOTUS nominees.

We currently have a threat by Speaker of the House Pelosi calling for enacting the 25th Amendment to prevent the president from completing his term and being re-elected for a second term as President Trump has declassified ALL documents connected with the Russia Investigation Hoax and the Clinton Email Scandal.

I wonder how many legislators from both sides of the political isle will be caught up in these scandalous acts which could be prosecuted under the RICO statute or individually as Treason. I have said all along to follow the money as all roads lead right back to Bama – Barack Obama. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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