Really Another Democratic Panel?


Really Another Democratic Panel?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to convene a panel to determine President Trump’s mental state. Seems predictable since Congressional Democrats have used every trick in the book, plus they have written new ones into the infamous Book of Democratic Failed Secrets (unpublished), here are a few in alphabetical order:

  • Allegations of Sexual Misconduct (works well on politicians)
  • Ban on Immigration – Areas of terrorist activity
  • COVID-19 – Trump’s failed response caused thousands of deaths in US
  • DACA – Trump wants to end the unconstitutional EO by BHO
  • Failed Emergency Response to national disasters (hurricanes, fire, flooding and tornadoes)
  • Golfgate – Trump golfs too much
  • Impeachmentgate – Impeach the President without a crime
  • Liegate – Trump Lies
  • Little Rocketman – Trump will create WWIII with North Korea
  • Mueller Investigation
  • SCOTUS nominees – Trump nominatee will reverse Roe vs Wade
  • Spygate – Obama approved coup attempt to overthrow Trump
  • The Wall – Trump wants to build a wall, say’s Mexico will pay for it, but uses DOD funding
  • Trump Campaign – Russia Collusion Hoax
  • Trump has COVID-19 and a panel must determine his mental fitness
  • Trump targets Iranian terrorist in response to Iraq Embassy attack in Iraq
  • Ukraine – Pay for Play Hoax
  • Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord – Trump turns our allies against us
  • Wuhan Flu – Trump calls it the China Virus which is racist

Here is what Congressional Democrats have done over the 4 years of the Trump administration (in alphabetical order):

  • Advocate for continued funding of Planned Parenthood (a worldwide organization to murder infants)
  • Advocate for violence against the President and his administration
  • Assist illegal, undocumented aliens to circumvent US Law to come into the US
  • Attack political opponents by labeling them as racist
  • Attempt an ongoing coup
  • Block COVID-19 stimulus package with unreasonable and unrelated demands
  • Block every effort to protect Americans
  • Condone removing historical statues to redefine history
  • Conspire to interfere in the 2020 presidential election using a “mail-in ballots for all” voter scheme.
  • Obstruct presidential nominations of judicial appointees
  • Pander to African-Americans by wearing tribal garb of slave traders on the floor of congress
  • Promote domestic terrorism by proxy and actively side with the terrorists
  • Promote racism from/within congress
  • Refuse to accept a smooth transition of power from Obama to Trump
  • Resist Trump at every turn
  • Threaten to create new states (DC & PR) when Dems get majority in House and Senate
  • Threaten to pack the SCOTUS with additional justices when Dems get majority in House and Senate

I have a better idea why doesn’t the House convene a panel to determine Pelosi’s mental state? Her actions even before she became the Speaker a second time gave us a preview when she and then Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer met with President Trump in the Oval Office in 2017 shortly after the inauguration and she pointed her finger at the president saying, “You don’t realize the importance I bring to this meeting” (very loosely paraphrased), then Fancy Nancy and Lucky Chucky walked or were asked to leave.

Almost every meeting with President Trump and Congressional Democratic leadership has ended with them resisting or refusing to accept peace offerings and resulting in the Dems leaving – heading straight to the media.

Speaker Pelosi sees herself as ultra-important (3rd in line for the presidency) and her presence must be acknowledged by all. Her performance at the recent State of the Union address in tearing up her copy behind the back of the president and in front of congress tells all there is to tell about the state of her mental fitness. She sees herself also as a woman of faith who prays for the president and his family daily, what she prays for has not been revealed? I think it’s time for a change in America and we’re now at 24 days before California voters can choose a new district representative to replace Fancy Nancy and send her back to her store sized refrigerator full of ice cream so she can enjoy BINGO with family and friends. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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