Looking at Trump from the Outside


Looking at Trump from the Outside

I’ve had some interesting discussions with friends both in person and through email and what I find is that misinformation or should I call it rampant “mediasplaining” has influenced or rather confused quite a lot of people. It’s gaslighting on a national scale. Repeat a lie enough times and it ceased to be a lie and believed to be the truth. The way to counter it is to do your own research and not accept the first set of “facts” you come across on Google or fact checking with any number of slanted websites.

For the past 4 years I’ve been writing about Donald J. Trump’s rise to the Oval Office or in his case it may have been a step down. For a self-made millionaire who had fame, fortune and all the toys of the rich and famous even his Trump airplane had something not seen on Air Force One – Gold trim (not plated either). I have to ask if I had been in his shoes would I have voluntarily given up everything to be abused in the manner his political “friends” have done to him. I probably wouldn’t have had the nerves of steel to give it up. I mean living downtown New York City in the infamous Trump Tower with the family name.

What people don’t know or seem to care is that in the 80s & 90s and into the 2000s millionaire magnet Donald Trump was the one to be seen with. Women loved to be with him, men wanted to be him and politicians wanted to be seen with him. Everyone wanted a piece of him.  His money was always a welcomed campaign donation. His friendship was like money in the bank. I think the meeting with President Reagan was a turning point for Trump, up to that point he was a Democrat and made it a point to donate to democratic campaigns. There are pictures of him with the Clintons, Ali, Rev Al, Jessie J. and the who’s who of New York’s high society.

I love the story of a black man walking in New York City who came across a limo with a flat tire. Inside was a man in a suit. This man changed the tire like it was no big deal. The man in the suit asked how he could repay him and the man said his wife liked flowers. A few days later a bouquet arrived and attached was a thank you card with a note saying “Your mortgage has been paid off” – Donald Trump.

Another story was when Nelson Mandela was set to come on his first trip to the US and his sponsor was having trouble with travel arrangements. She made one phone call to Donald Trump and his plane was made available for the entire trip – at no charge.

When actress Jennifer Hudson had a family tragedy it was Donald Trump who put her and her family up at Trump Tower so she could deal with the situation – for free.

These and many other stories show the humanity, the compassionate side of Donald Trump but are forgotten as the media frenzy is about destroying his credibility. Those who know him know better.

Early in the mid1980s Trump was questioned about his political aspirations. He said at one point he would consider it, if the country needed him. He was young, flashy and cocky. His personality often rubbed people the wrong way but in the end he almost always got what he went after.

For 4 years the drumbeat of the congressional democrats pulsating through leftist media outlets have drilled home the fact that Trump is a racist, a sexist and a really bad person. It’s repeated often and sooner or later people believe it when it is not even close to the truth.

Without knowing anything about Trump everyone assumes the media is giving it to them straight. What you don’t know about Trump is that he is a straight shooter. He will tell you what he thinks without dressing it up. If you’re lying, he’ll call you out like he did Joe Biden in the debate. He will keep the pressure up until you respond.

People say Trump is conceited because he checks his appearance in front of a mirror before going in front of the media or the public. What they don’t know is that is how he is professionally and personally, groomed to dress well and treat others fairly. He was taught that winning wasn’t everything, winning was the only thing. Everything in life is about survival. He doesn’t run a race he isn’t going to win and he’s in it for the long haul. One time in 2017 he told college graduates that you can’t always choose your friends in life, but you can never fail to recognize your enemies.

Trump is a man with a vision who doesn’t see a glass as half full, he sees a process for filling the glass and goes further to fully develop the process. Like the ventilators and PPE shortage, he went into overdrive to gather the best business minds together and began adapting processes to make it happen. He sees the end game.

Many past presidents have said that border security was important to America’s national security. They had funds allocated by Congress to build the wall, but never did much more than put up inadequate barbed wire fences in places along the border.

When Trump promised to Build the Wall, politicians went nuts. They said it couldn’t be done – too expensive. They said it was inhumane to lock people up in cages, but they had done that very thing already and it was policy. Obama became frustrated with the congress he had been part of for not acting quickly and he used the power of the pen for an EX on DACA. Trump met with congressional leaders and said they were the ones that needed to fix it properly. Maybe it hurt their feelings but they began resisting his every move, impeding the Executive Branch.

As if to hide their inaction, they masked it with the Russian Collusion Hoax, followed up by the Mueller Investigation, an impeachment hoax, a Ukrainian pay for play hoax, and then COVID-19. There were caravans amassing the Southern border until Trump met with Mexico and said to stop the caravans or face tariffs or worse and it worked.

Trump pulled the US out of failed international negotiations and treaties to negotiate new ones that favored the US and began pulling troops out of endless wars in the Middle East. Trump went to NATO and said pay your fair share or we’ll move our troop’s home and they agreed to pay more.

It’s been said that Trump is the only US president that’s had to fight the US congress to protect the American people. Why is that? If every life matters, why have Americans subsidized abortions that target American lives? Why does congress stand up to defend abortion as a woman’s right? It is not anyone’s right to choose death when the US Constitution’s 1st Amendment protects the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America has been blinded to the truth in politics. A government that enables individual and family dependency on government handouts instead of enabling job creation and trade school skill building is guilty of enslaving the population. It’s time to take the blinders off!

We ae led to believe that the source of all evil is Trump. He is the cause of racial and class division. He is not. Trump has exposed the lies for what they are – lies. Trump believes that if you learn job and life skills you will become a productive part of society and less dependent on government.

Politicians and the media want you to believe that Trump is enlisting radical hate groups to divide America. He is not. In fact hate begets hate and hate groups multiply hate exponentially. If you want to know the heart of Trump, find and listen to the 2 hour Rush Limbaugh radio broadcast of 10-9-2020.

I’ve been asked where God is in all of this. Christians have prayed for God to intervene and save our nation, but say “Not that way God, another way please”. It is God’s plan for Trump to be where he is NOW. There are things that have and still need to happen according to God’s plan. 

And once again it’s not about Trump. Never was and never will be. It’s about what God is doing.

Trump is fighting to defund Planned Parenthood, yet Congressional Democrats are still trying to make funding available in these stimulus packages. Dems are worried that ACB will overturn Roe vs Wade, when 5 of the justices are Catholics and the ones on SCOTUS have done nothing to overturn it in how many years?

Trump is fighting to protect our 2nd Amendment rights to own and bear arms, but how many people are up in arms demanding that we all surrender our guns but the bad guys aren’t giving up their guns and are not afraid to use them as we see in the domestic terrorism happening in cities across the nation.

Trump called unsolicited mail in balloting for everyone ripe for voter fraud and he is right. We see literally thousands of error filled ballots sent to outdated addresses and/or people who died many years ago. Who is responsible for quality control, the Secretary of State in each of the 50 states and US territories? Who pays for the postage of sending them out? Who pays for the corrected ballots going out? Who pays to have voter registration rolls verified or not? WE DO!

This is the most important election in our nation’s history – bar none! The greatest tragedy is not what we see happening all around us, it’s watching good men and women do nothing!

The very fact that it appears that it’s Trump against everyone else is because people think God is on their side as they slander, demean Trump when they are really resisting the Spirit of God moving in our midst. God didn’t send a sissy to fill the office of president, he sent a fighter and someone who wouldn’t back down or quit because someone hurt his feelings.

There is evil and a spirit of political correctness so God chose a man to stand up against it. God uses those who people think are not qualified or insignificant to do his bidding. Trump could have said no God I don’t think I’m the one you want, it’s going to be too hard but he didn’t. The very intensity of the assaults coming against Trump prove that God is in the midst of this and it is God, not Trump who is battling on our behalf the forces of evil, Trump is simply the human face we can see.

Like many others you have been fully taken advantage of, but mark my words when this is over God may open the blinded eyes of those who refused to believe, or he may not.

Countering recent news events like the media polls showing Biden beating Trump by huge margins, when realistically the nation as a whole are waking up and supporting Trump. During the debate Trump for the umpteenth time condemned white supremists and when pressed by Mike Wallace to do it again. He answered sure, what group are you talking about? Biden said the Proud Boys and Trump said sure; stand down and stand by, let law enforcement handle it. So who are the Proud Boys? Where did that name come from? What do they stand for? They are not a white supremists group, not with a black or Hispanic leader and a vetting process to keep out white supremists. So why did Biden bring them up?

The Governor of Michigan said she had been threatened and told the Trump administration and they did nothing. OK, nothing….yet the recent pictures of the guys with long guns in the Michigan state capital was taken in MAY 2020. The FBI arrested them in OCT 2020. Just a few hours later she went on TV saying it was Trump’s fault because he did nothing. WHO ARRESTED THEM – the Michigan state police? No, the FBI, but was it a taskforce with MSP included? Who knows until they release a report stating the agencies involved, and they’re probably still looking to make more arrests.

What is so troubling about God picking Trump? Does God love you more than me or more than Trump? NO HE DOESN’T. God loves each person unconditionally the same. God even loves Hillary and Biden and Obama, your neighbor, my neighbor and so on and so on. GOD’S LOVE IS NOT IN QUESTION. God promises to never leave us or forsake us. God doesn’t turn away when we go through rough times either. In fact it is in the rough times when we turn to him.

God picked Trump – that’s a fact! If Trump knew then what he knows now would he have answered the call? I don’t know! Would you? Would I? READ ABOUT TRUMP’S LIFE! There are number of books to choose from. I know more FACTUAL stuff about Trump because I have read historical accounts and choose not to read the tabloid rags like the NYT or the Atlantic or any other trash that simply wants to make money off dump trump stuff. It’s easy to pick up the newspaper or read articles trashing Trump. That alone should tell you something?

When Trump announced he was running for President in 2015 I too was skeptical and thought it was a stunt. But when he won the election I knew it was ordained by God because it is God who sets up kings and leaders and it is God who brings them down. It’s a lesson I first learned that when Bill Clinton was elected.

Here we are on the eve of the 2020 election and it is as if the forces of hell have come against Trump for more than 4 years. Prove me wrong? If God was not in it, Trump would not have been able to withstand the onslaught that continues even today.

I challenge to you to read any one of these:

The Faith of Donald J. Trump

God and Trump

The Making of the President in 2016

Speaking for Myself by Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Briefing by Sean Spicer

Open your mind to the possibility of what God is doing and stop dissecting what Trump is doing looking. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



2 thoughts on “Looking at Trump from the Outside

  1. amen a man chosen by God and the answer to our prayers, some just don’t like the package he came in, but they they hate me too, because he took me to heaven, and said tell the church they are not Ready, and gave 2 Cor 12:20-21, and said all this is going on in my Church and they are not Ready now go back and tell them, they are not ready, and preach with more fire than ever before, and they were saying tone it down, and Jesus said turn it up, in 09. and then every one was saying Cruz is Gods man and Jumped me because I said I feel its Mr. Trump and they were jumping me, so I fasted 3 days, right before the election, and the Lord said tell them Trump is my man, and oh bot did all hell break loose, they accuse me with my daughters, tried to destory me, and God knows I never even had a thought like that, and they will tell you to, they will tell you dad was strict, and a Godly man, not that other hogwash, but they turned the whole church against me still not many will follow, but I preach truth, and I will call you out if you lie, and I put what the Lord tells me on here, I do not make up a word, just what he says, and he said repent, and then he said tell Mr. Trump I need him four more years, so I am standing on that God would not have told me to tell Mr. Trump if he didn’t have a chance or was not going to fix their cheating just like last time we must just do our job and God will back us, and Trump is the man for the Job, he can’t be bought, he is not a politician, he won’t back down, and he loves America they way our fore fathers founded, and he does love God, THE MAN FOR THE JOB


    1. Roger, I agree with your assessment that Trump is a man chosen by God for a very specific purpose – To Stop Evil and become God’s Sword to the Spirit of Political Correctness. In the book “The Faith of Donald J. Trump”, God spoke to two Christian men (one in New York who had a stroke) the other in Texas who spoke those words to Trump at Trump Tower and said what he had heard from God, that Trump would be an Isaiah 45 president. From what I’ve seen is the powers of hell rise up from the political left, right and center in opposition to the Trump presidency. When Trump said he would drain the swamp, we didn’t know what or how deep the swamp was. However it’s easy to see that the tentacles of the swamp and the deep state have become woven into the very fabric of our government. It can only become exposed and destroyed through the prayer of his people and by the hand of Almighty God. Trump is a man focused on doing what he said during the 2016 campaign and God will continue exposing even more of the swamp during the next 4 years. Your words are fully in line with what God is doing with the man he chose for such a time as this. Thank you sir!


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