Judge Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing


Judge Amy Coney Barret SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

I’m writing this off the cuff as I haven’t tuned into the confirmation hearings on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. Occasionally stuff pops up on Twitter and Facebook that confirm nothing about the Democratic tactics have changed from the Kavanaugh hearings earlier this year. We were assured that the circus atmosphere would not be allowed to dominate the hearings and I’m not sure they will be stopped in time. Democrats are determined to brow-beat President Trump over COVID, the stimulus and I’m sure it will soon include the Wall being built along the US Southern border.

Committee Chair Lindsey Graham is allowing the Democrats to self-destruct of their own words to the point that he may call for a vote to more Judge Barrett’s nomination to the floor of the Senate. Failing to do that quickly could jeopardize his chances of re-election and the GOP majority in the Senate. This is largely the same committee who overwhelmingly confirmed Judge Barrett a couple of years ago without any of the theatre antics happening today.

Everyone knows she is well qualified for the position as attested by peer reviews, so this should be a quick decision. Her stated position of her duties and responsibility as an associate justice on the SCOTUS were made publically in the Rose Garden a few short weeks ago when President Trump nominated her. Her legal record shows her strict adherence to the laws of the United States as jurist and her promise to serve fairly and uphold the Constitution are what America needs on the bench.

What I don’t understand about Congressional Democrats is whether they have heard or remembers the old sayings that you don’t mess with a cook, hairdresser (Pelosi found out), nurse, airline ticket agent or undertaker. The same applies to a Supreme Court Justice, as any legal scholar can tell you. They can easily make your life extremely unpleasant.

Maybe that’s the trouble with Congress they are mostly a bunch of lawyers who studied just enough of the law to think of themselves as equal to Perry Mason, forgetting for the moment he was played by Raymond Burr an actor. They too seem to be playing the part of a lawmaker, but from where I sit they became lawbreakers the moment they chose to ignore the US Constitution they swore to defend, protect, and uphold.

I remember when public service was a noble opportunity to serve Americans back home that sent them to congress, not the self-serving congresscritter’s who enhances their own financial pockets! It’s time to lay political posturing and rhetoric aside and put America ahead of self-serving politicians!  – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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