Bobbing for Apples


Bobbing for Apples

On the eve of the 2020 Presidential Election Congress has once again errored on the side of party lines and shown the American people once again their true colors – Blue or Red. I am reminded of the summertime game of Dunking for Apples where a huge barrel or tub filled with water and apples awaits those brave enough to try. In the olden days whether a church picnic or a county fair or even a backyard birthday party the object is the same using only your mouth grab an apple with your teeth and successfully lift it out of the water.

Congress has become those tubs whether it’s the Blue tub or the Red tub every member of Congress is one of the 535 apples bobbing around in one of the 4 tubs. But not all apples are created equal. There are majority leader and minority leader apples and several other structural positions within each chamber to represent each party.

If that’s not confusing enough each chamber contains more than 242 mini-barrels called caucuses where each member is encouraged, selected or volunteers to join. Each caucus has a chair or co-chairs to direct or move along the desired outcome of each particular caucus. Members of the caucus traditionally follow the lead of the caucus chair and those who do not suffer consequences. There are more barrels called committees and sub-committees, each with a chair and members are traditionally bi-partisan (both parties equally represented). What happens when a party leader pulls rank and demands all party members vote a certain way, or not vote at all?

We saw that with the recent committee to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS. The committee chair scheduled question and answer sessions where they heard from the judge and allotted time for the committee to determine her qualifications for the associate justice position. What we saw and heard (if we watched the entire process) was one party ask serious questions and receive sincere answers while the other side asked asinine or rhetorical questions not allowing for or expecting sincere answers, only to make fools out of themselves. When it came time to move the nomination out of committee the blue side refused to show for the vote, yet the nomination went to the Senate floor.

Once the nomination went before to the floor of the Senate there was a time of discussion where both sides could briefly question the nominee. When it was time for a yes or no vote, the blue side chose to vote no, not because the nominee was unqualified for the position, but because the leadership of the blue said vote no. When the votes were counted it was strictly along party lines 52 – 48 and the nominee was approved to the SCOTUS and within hours was sworn in as the newest justice on the highest court.

We have seen these high pressure tactics repeated on a daily basis from either the House or the Senate leadership as they attempt to force their way on forward, not necessarily for the benefit of the American voters, but for selfish party ways. It is time to hold every 535 APPLES accountable between now and November 3rd in person at the polls or through absentee ballots. It may be that 2020 is the year to take the rotten apples out of the barrels. – I am the Real Truckmaster


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