On Wearing a Mask or Facial Covering


On Wearing a Mask or Facial Covering

It is my opinion that there are times, places where people should wear a mask or facial covering having little to do with COVID-19 and more to do with control through fear. Yes face coverings can limit the spread of sputum from coughing, but face coverings don’t protect anyone from viruses.

Those who say “follow the science” don’t understand there is no science, only opinions of doctors, scientists, medical staff and individuals like you and me. Science is simply someone’s published opinion.

It is acknowledged that hospitals with infectious disease patients must be kept isolated in areas where public access is controlled. It is advisable for doctors, nurses and medical staff does everything to keep the infectious disease from spreading to other patients or other areas in the hospital or medical facility. Primary ways to control the spread is frequent changing of masks, gloves and gowns between patients.

In extreme cases such as Level 4 laboratories, there may be requirements to pre-decontaminate prior to going into or decontaminate upon preparing to leave a room or environment to prevent the spread. In these cases a simple facial covering will not suffice. In fact it is a medical necessity to wear full protective gear covering every part of the body.

A better defense is to stay away from others when it’s humanly possible (social distancing) and to go see a doctor when you are sick and follow the prescribed treatment regimen.

  • Wear a mask to let others know you are sick so they will steer away from you.
  • Protect the most vulnerable infants and elderly by creating isolation zones around them.
  • Restrict outside contact from strangers, not family members.
  • Move outdoors regularly to breathe fresh air and exercise to the extent as physically possible.
  • Use proper sanitation measures (hand washing, wiping down counters, handrails, doorknobs, etc. with antiseptic solutions).
  • Use common sense at all times.

There is no one size fits all approach to wearing masks or facial coverings. It is not appropriate or reasonable for everyone to wear a mask at all times and in all situations, unless you are propagating control through fear. I am the Real Truckmaster! (*and I approve this message)



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