We Take Truth Over Facts


We Take Truth Over Facts

I’ve been telling folks for quite some time that the Democratic Party had no viable candidate (no dog in the fight) for the 2020 Presidential Election against Republican Party’s President Donald Trump. I’ve written a number of blogs stating the facts in the matter of Joe Biden entering the race late, make a not so strong showing over yet equally not so strong democratic challengers, but still coming up smelling like roses. Doesn’t that strike anyone else as odd? Even Barack Obama didn’t initially come right out and indorse his former Vice President until it was too little too late.

Biden had more name recognition than all the other candidates combined and rightfully so after 47 years in the US Senate and as Obama’s Vice President. Still he lacked credibility. His claim to fame was a heavy weight tough guy in dealing with foreign policy and extremely proud of being the Congressional “strong-arm”. In recent years he fancied himself taking Trump out behind the barn to duke it out all because he fancied himself an athletic ball player from his college days. That was so ancient history.

As Obama’s Vice President his “responsibilities” as assigned by Obama was to look after US interests in China, the former soviet bloc and elsewhere as they came up. The trouble we see now was that US didn’t mean the United States, but it meant US – Obama and Biden. Remember Obama saying there were no scandals during his administration that embarrassed him? What about now?

What America saw in Joe Biden was a bumbling buffoon of a VP who opened his mouth only to stick both feet in it, on a regular basis? I remember no notable causes he championed. There were no “Biden” moments to speak of where the honor of the nation was championed or even after leaving office. Now that the Hunter laptop debacle has immerged it has brought to light the corruption of not only the Biden crime family, but that of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. I don’t say that lightly but because those in the know have stated on paper that “the boss” wants to know everything. So I must believe that as events happened with Ukraine and China must have had the expressed or implied consent of Barack Obama.

After all the Democratic candidates dropped out of the race and left Joe Biden as the last man standing it occurred to me that the Democratic Party’s DNC was attempting to shield him from prosecution citing that Trump was just going after his political opponent. Biden’s pick of Kamala Harris because she was a woman of color sure strikes of racism and sexism which are Democratic Party trademarks and his statement, “We take truth over facts” and even then it seemed ridiculous and could have even been funny, had he not believed it to be true.

Several weeks ago I wrote that the Biden campaign is falling apart but I couldn’t have known the extent of what was on the Hunter laptop. Then former partners of Hunter started speaking up as the implications of wrongdoing put their reputations on the line. One vouched for the authenticity of emails and another provided a thumb drive of information, all supporting the corruption of Hunter Biden and the entire Biden crime family, including brothers Joe and Jim Biden.

What should have been a political party building up a viable candidate in fact turned into a political party bombarding the incumbent President with slanderous falsehoods and accusations that clearly fit their own failed candidate – Joe Biden.

The failure doesn’t stop there. It was the Obama DOJ that enabled this charade to happen and began spinning a host of false accusations that led to the support of the failed impeachment of the President.

It then became the Trump DOJ who seemed to continue going down the same path when confronted with a blatant video admission by Joe Biden to international wrongdoing, followed by video admissions from former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry saying everyone (he and Obama) wanted it done. The cover-up reeks of collusion and treasonous actions at the highest levels in the Obama administration where taking facts over truth doesn’t always work – all the time. Just how the media will spin this turn of events is yet to be fully seen. Journalists have chosen the route of least resistance by sticking their heads in the sands of disbelief or clinging on to the fables of the past 4+ years where all the ills of the country and the world are the fault of one man – President Donald J. Trump.

Now that the cat is out of the bag (figuratively speaking) the entire Democratic Party presidential nominated “team” is implicated in massive wrongdoing. It will be hard to take just 6 days before the 2020 election on November 3rd where American voters will have a tough choice to make.

In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or Give me death”. I am the Real Truckmaster! (I choose liberty)!



2 thoughts on “We Take Truth Over Facts

  1. Some people are saying that Biden was a filler candidate since the Democrats didn’t think they could beat Trump. I don’t know if that’s true, but Biden’s campaign hasn’t been very good. He’s not really inspiring to anyone.


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