Tired of the Political Hogwash


Tired of the Political Hogwash

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of the lame excuses people use to give Democrats a pass while blaming Trump for the problems happening now under the Joe Biden Administration. Rather than rehash an old meal let me provide links to my previous Real Truckmaster Blog posts to highlight problems that concern every American and should be the primary focus of EVERY POLITICIAN serving the public as an elected/appointed official.

This list is in no specific order of precedence but shows a fraction of my nearly 900 blog posts over time:

A History of Political Parties in the United States

A little History Lesson – The Signers of The Declaration of Independence

Assessing the Chinese Wuhan Virus

Audacity of Liberalism

Border Security Order versus Disorder

Congress is Politically Constipated

Congressional Caucuses Friend or Foe

Democrats the Party of Hate

Elder Abuse for the Highest Office

Ethical Standards In Congress

Immigrants and Refugees

In Case You Have Forgotten

My Thoughts on the Secure Fence Act of 2006

Ninety Miles An Hour With Your Hair On Fire

Notes on the Constitution of the United States of America

Obama’s Stealth Agenda

One Hundred Civics Questions

Played Like A Fiddle

Political Correctness is the Cancer

Revisited Discussion on Immigration

Rooting Out Systematic Racism

Smoke and Mirrors

The 2020 Gaslighting of America by the Liberal Left

The Bill of Rights vs COVID-19 Restrictions

The Congress of the United States

The Congressional Black Caucus Modern Day Klansmen

The Roller Coaster of the Progressive Democratic Party

The Solution a Litmus Test for Congress

This Too Shall Pass

Voting is a Right not a Mandate

We Need to Pick Our Battles Carefully

We Take Truth Over Facts

What Does it mean to be an American?

When Trump Divided America

As I have expressed in previous posts writing is therapeutic and allows me to vent my frustrations and pet peeves as well as insert a bit of sarcasm and Wilson humor. In case you haven’t yet figured it out I don’t write to impress anyone but myself. So if you choose to read no response is necessary. Should you choose to scroll past I may be the wisest thing you have done all day.

I continue to be a huge fan of Donald Trump and I feel that he served a specific purpose as president at a time when American needed one. That need is even more apparent after he left office and we see how someone with a lifelong fantasy of becoming president has finally “made it”. Joe Biden is like a guy with a brand new lawn mower only to come home and find that someone stole his lawn. He can putter around in the street without accomplishing anything.

There are specific qualifications for becoming President of the United States, yet there are presidents who fail to use their time wisely to benefit the average American people.  Most presidents have come out of the halls of Congress and have no real world experience to prepare them for the job of governing.

Our nation is seriously hampered by elected officials being politicians first and discounting the fact that they are even Americans at all. They are so intent on taking the United States back to the stone age. We deserve better than that. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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