On the China Virus COVID-19 Vaccination


On the China Virus COVID-19 Vaccinations

I congratulate those who worked hard under the leadership of Vice President Mike Pence’s COVID-19 Taskforce to be able to bring forth a number of US medical companies to produce safe and effective vaccines in relatively short order for American citizens and the world. This wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the leadership and drive of President Trump and his administration. That being said I have a number of concerns that I have discussed online and with friends.

My major concerns deal with the complexities ranging from high-risk to children and infants. Our individual bodies, our health conditions, a variety of medications, vitamins and supplements as well as our mobility and exercise regimens may cause a host of incompatibilities with any one vaccine.

I know that one vaccine has been approved and shipped, while a second has very recently been approved by the CDC for use in the US. What are the ingredients of each vaccine? Does each manufacturer use the same chemical composition or do they vary slightly? I understand that testing has been done fast-tracked so as to be made available to the public very quickly and safely.

How will vaccinations be documented – public health certificate of vaccination for COVID-19? What about travel documents? Will there be a COVID-19 Vaccination stamp or seal with a vaccination date entered in US passports?

I for one have trouble placing any faith or trust in the one who gave me the dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH back in Windows 95, so if Bill Gates is involved in any way shape or form I think I’ll just pass on the vaccination and take my chances of building up my immunity should I be exposed to COVID-19.

Maybe we’re going to be told something like the ominous and infamous “mark of the beast” referenced in the Book of Revelations in order to enter a store to buy or sell or to travel?  

I’m not a medical professional, a scientist or a “vaccinologist”, just one man with many questions.

One thing I do know is that my trust is not in a vaccine or in a man, but my trust is in the Lord. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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