Political Hardball


Political Hardball

I writing this piece so that those who choose to read it will know that I feel the media have hijacked your thinking and reasoning ability. In my opinion you have let the media form how you see Trump and have personally taken it too far.  Most of the people who allow the media to influence what they think are misinformed when it comes to the Biden/Harris ticket. Those same people are misinformed about Trump/Pence too.

We are at a dangerous crossroads politically and for the survival of the nation. Congress tries to play the Russia card, when in fact China is making dangerous moves all around us. For the Chinese foreign minister to demand the US get back to the Iran Nuclear Treaty is ridiculous and dangerous.

I still think the virus was a biological attack on the planet by China. The way they sealed Wuhan off from mainline China, but continued early on to send 200,000 Chinese workers out from Wuhan to Italy, Iran and beyond seems to have been focused on infecting the entire globe and I get it.

The way congress has played into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party has never been more evident than rigging a presidential election so that the least likely candidate is one China is familiar with and would be able to control would make Biden the real Manchurian Candidate had their plan worked.

After the popular vote (obviously stacked for Biden) we’ve been told that it’s over, Biden won and we must get over it, come together in unity and let bygones be bygones, while they prepare to identify, isolate and remove Trump supporter resistance after securing the presidency.

You may not see that, but I do.

China would not try to force the US if they realized that Trump is still president and very likely will be re-inaugurated.  But congress and many Americans would rather submit to China than stand with Trump because the media says he is bad for our country and foreign leaders are laughing at us. Neither is true.

It has been 1 year ago that China released the virus. The world as a whole is vulnerable. America is vulnerable. Yet all I keep hearing is Trump is bad. Let me say this about Trump. He has been stressing to politicians to do their duty according to the constitution. They have been adamant that when Trump exercises his constitutional duties he is a tyrant. That’s not true either.

I’ve said it before that Biden is bad news for America and Harris is even worse. She uses others to advance her political career of what – 4 years in congress after raping California on her way up? Neither of them has a vision for America going forward. Neither of them could move Americans in any particular direction without using fear and intimidation tactics.

January 6 is around the corner and January 20 is not that far behind.

The far left is prepared to abolish the rights of Americans under the constitution and Democratic governors already have crossed that line and people are ok with that. I’m not.

A dictator demands full compliance with threats of punishment for violators. Wearing a mask is not an act of consideration for others, it is step one up the ladder of compliance. Step two is isolation of families, friends, co-workers and anyone who could be an ally in fighting to keep our rights. Step three is to close down government deemed non-essential businesses putting families out of work, no income and becoming dependent on stimulus checks which are as Pelosi says “crumbs”.

If Trump was a tyrant he would have locked down the country, declared Marshall Law, suspended the constitution and declared himself president-for-life. Members of congress, governors and state attorney generals would be in prison and public executions would have begun already and rioting would be dealt with by shooting. That is not who we are as Americans.

We pride ourselves in a peaceful transition of power, not in election or voter fraud. We don’t condone “Chicago-style” mob rule or violence against law enforcement. I know you don’t want to read all that pro-Trump stuff, but it goes along with the anti-Trump stuff that’s been going around for the past 4+ years.

My stand is for the freedom to live peaceably and safely while I worship and honor God by my actions and my words. I stand with President Trump because the values he fights for are in line with my religious beliefs and what I believe is best for America and the world. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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