Another Rush To Judgement


Another Rush to Judgement

Why am I not surprised that on the day Congress must certify the Electoral College votes and Conservative supporters of President Trump show up in support of getting through this portion of the election process that the headlines say “Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Building”.  Next we hear that a woman (Trump supporter) was shot and all the finger pointing began. Let me reaffirm some basic facts. One – Trump supporters did not initiate the violence. I haven’t heard one shred of news about Antifa being there, except a photo (used in this article).

The media is doing the same thing as when a Trump supporter was being assaulted this past summer and shot his attackers while defending himself. Antifa was not blamed there either, but were there using BLM as a smoke screen.

So what has changed? Absolutely NOTHING!

This was a pre-orchestrated disruption to throw the election process off balance. Well those tactics are DEMOCRATIC practices used over and over. Blame someone else for what they are doing. This is no different.

I have purposefully kept a low profile (as have most Trump supporters). Oh we voice our displeasure and dislike for the terrorism committed by Antifa and BLM (as should every American). Yet why are those claiming adamantly not being democrats – acting and saying things that say otherwise?

The media wants to call this an assault on the peaceful transfer of power. It is not peaceful and it is not a transfer of power. Biden still stands in front of his fake banner, touting his fake office of president-elect (which does not exist). Harris is still a senator and Trump is still POTUS #45.

I’ve been called what amounts to a hatemonger and although that’s hurtful I do hate – stupidity, ignorance and fascists calling themselves patriots. So yes maybe I am a hater of un-truths (lies – little white ones or glaringly big ones)!

This will not be a long post because it is still too early for a rush to judgement on what’s happening on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. There is violence. It’s not from Trump supporters it is violence TO Trump supporters. So if you’re going to call out anyone – call a spade what it is – a spade!  

Think you know it all? What is the difference between being a constitutionalist and taking a constitutional? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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