Insurrection in the Nation’s Capital


Insurrection in the Nation’s Capital

So what happened? I wasn’t there and I didn’t watch the floor show broadcast live on virtually every channel or the propaganda on CSPAN. What I can tell you is that the events yesterday were planned, orchestrated and carried out with the full knowledge and backing of those who have levied this coup against the president the past 4 years and it’s far from over.

After I heard about the incident (while it was happening) I switched on CSPAN to find out for myself and I was disgusted because instead of live feed from the capital or a PSA from the president what I saw was Joe Biden and his fake office of the president-elect banner saying something. I couldn’t hear as my sound was muted but it seemed to be him calling out President Trump to come out and say something about the violence (Heard something to that effect later on another station).

So I went to Twitter to only to see that the presidents Twitter account had been blocked, and today Zuckerberg is saying it will remained permanently blocked at least during his remaining days in office while members of congress are blaming President Trump for “organizing and assaulting the capital” and congressional leaders are talking about removing him from office under the 25th Amendment?

Am I getting this right?

As members of congress met under a joint session to certify the EC votes the House floated a bill that would censure and remove any house members who voted to object? In the Senate members were cautioned, remanded or otherwise told not to object. Those who did were threatened with the “scarlet S” for sedition if they acted on their threats to object.

And in the midst of it all we have Antifa’s domestic terrorists posing as Trump supporters breaking into the capital, ransacking offices and stealing a computer while trashing offices, one even crashed Pelosi’s office and we’re told it was Trump’s fault. Give me a break.

The end result was a bum-rush around the ever moving goal posts of politics with the fraudulent-fed election handing the presidency over to now President-Elect Biden who stole it fair and square and all because the hatred for Trump overpowered otherwise reasonable people who hold elected offices to represent the voice of the people, clearly not the case here.

After reading a first-hand account of what went down yesterday where Antifa members were ESCORTED by police to the capital and how the mayor of D.C. used every trick in the book and a few she made up in order to make the Trump supporters leave (they did not) it is clear to me that this was an Act of Insurrection and a Coup to topple the sitting President of the United States.

Well congratulations lefties – you finally got your wish and America was the big loser. In 13 days you will have your cake and you will be forced to eat it too – right through your facemasks and social distancing. You will be celebrating just as Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver and so many others and soon enough the nation will be californicated to the max and it will be because of you. You were duly warned. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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