Four Years With President Trump


Four Years With President Trump

Something that bears repeating is the fact that the year 2020 has changed life as we know it on planet earth. People are afraid of offending others but end up being the ones offended. For quite some time we have allowed the media to dictate what we see and hear or what we are told they said, what was inside their mind at the time and why they said what they said. I’ll be kind – that’s pure speculation (nothing more than their opinion). It is often wrong.

What is even worse is WE LET THEM DO IT TO US!

Long before home computers, cell phones, social media or the internet we relied on local and national news to keep us informed of events that impacted our lives. Where were you during the JFK assassination, the Vietnam War, the lunar moon landing, the Watergate scandal, the Berlin Wall coming down, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait or CNN’s live coverage of the “secret” US response? What about 9/11/2001 & 9/11/2012? Those are just a few that I remember.

I have written about events of the past 4 years, how a non-political president attempted to get congressional lawmakers to uphold their constitutional duties as legislators to fix some things impacting the American people. He did everything except draw them a map on a dinner napkin.

When the Coronavirus surfaced in the US in January 2020 President Trump began shutting down immigration into the US from a myriad of countries. What was Congress doing? Oh I remember they were impeaching him the first time. As Congress tried to eradicate him from office over the Russia hoax, the President’s focus was combatting the dreaded COVID-19, dealing with illegal immigration and building a wall along our southern border with Mexico. When he ramped up production and distribution of personal protective equipment, activated the medical reserve and other government agencies to protect Americans what was Congress doing – fighting a losing battle of the dreaded Trump Derangement Syndrome. When rioting and civil unrest began to spread across our nation the President activated federal law enforcement agencies to quell the violence what was Congress doing – Resisting the President at every turn and condemning him for the violence.

Here we are one week before the inauguration on January 20th and the President has been battling widespread election fraud AND the Congress who are seeking to impeach him a second time for inciting the violence committed inside the Capital Building on January 6th, the day Congress was “certifying” EC votes to determine the president-elect (Not true). Are they afraid that Trump will run again in 2024 or are they sending a message to other would be presidential hopefuls that if you cross paths with Congress your life will become a living hell?

I personally think it’s time for to get their act together and stop the partisan in-fighting like kids in a school yard. They should figure out what’s important to ALL AMERICANS and work to make THAT happen.

President Trump is a man you either liked or hated. Many of us were drawn to him because Democrats hated him. He said what he thought and didn’t mince words. He had a plan forward for America and knew how to move the ball. He has fulfilled his promises to America and he took not a penny of his salary for 4 years, donating it quarterly back into federal agencies that could use it for America.

I have written many blog articles about the president and have constantly said it is not about Trump. It has never been about him or what he could gain from this presidency. For Trump it has always been America First.

On the other hand congress has had only one goal – stop Trump at any cost. Prevent him from being given credit for anything. From day one he has put American ahead of himself. He has rescued Americans who committed criminal acts outside the United States, rescued hostages from foreign land and recovered the remains of our war dead overseas. He has followed his words with action and moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem against the advice of so-called peace keepers, and brought peace to the Middle East with treaties between enemy states and Israel (no other president has even come close).

While being attacked on every side by political opponents of the deep state and the DC swamp he has remained focused and true to his calling to stop evil and become the sword to political correctness in American. We did not elect him because of his “good deeds” or his lifestyle prior to the presidency. We elected him because he said what he would do and he did it fearlessly and without apology to gain the approval of the one who counts in life – Almighty God.

I am a friend of God – Are you? Does God know your name?  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “Four Years With President Trump

  1. I am in agreement with most of your post. None of us agree 100%all the time. We are unified more now than we have ever been. Our movement can save this country. We need to continue to pray that GOD will deliver this country that is being governed by people that do not fear GOD. LET’S STAY BEHIND TRUMP. HE IS OUR LEADER THAT WILL DELIVER FREEDOM FROM THE MARXISM MARXISM..


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