The Primary Responsibility of Government


The Primary Responsibility of Government

American’s have a hard time understanding the fact that it is the government’s primary responsibility for the safety and welfare of its citizens and we have lost sight of that in the United States. Maintaining a well-armed and well trained military can insure that foreign agents do not attempt to attack our country. Controlling and regulating immigration is necessary to insure that individuals entering the country are not set on doing harm, causing damage, bringing sickness or disease or willfully violating our laws.

We have been told that government is the answer to the problems we face. We have elected officials who have knowingly and willfully violated our laws in order to control the citizens and insure they maintain the power they have accumulated while in office. Power to a politician is like water to a thirsty man or food to a starving man – there is never enough. Empty promises are one of the ways politicians use to maintain their political power.

A nation without secure borders does not remain sovereign for long. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Refugees flee political or religious oppression don’t demand admission, but ASK for asylum in the hope that they will be admitted. Don’t confuse the two.

When an organized assembly of people from a host of different countries force their way into another country it is called an invasion. When armed force is used it has become an armed invasion. When a nation allows an invading force into their border they are no longer keeping the welfare and safety of their citizens. When it is perceived that the leader of a nation has openly invited without question foreigners with promises of free stuff they have in effect violated their oath of office and must be held accountable for their actions.

Recently President Biden did encourage migrants without documentation to come to the United States for free medical, education and even promised free stimulus checks. This has caused a renewed crisis on our Southern border with Mexico. The Mexican President pleaded with the American President about how it is difficult to regulate the flow of foreigners through Mexico and into the United States.

What is happening along the US Southern Border under the Biden administration is that construction on the border wall has been ordered terminated. Unmanned entry points allow for unlimited illegal migrants into the country, carrying sickness and disease as well as human and drug trafficking. Manned entry points have overflowing facilities and have been ordered to release illegal migrants into the country.

Immigration is a responsibility of the Executive Branch, yet the Legislative Branch have heralded this Biden Immigration Policy as a great human rights move when in fact it sets a dangerous precedence and places the entire nation at risk and with an open border situation along the Southern Border how is it justified to continue border security at international airports or manned entry points along any of the US border? What is the justification?

During the early days of COVID President Trump fought congress and closed immigration to a host of nations and regions to stop the spread of the virus. In recent days the W.H.O. has determined that Africa has a wild variant of the virus that is harder to treat or stop so why does President Biden backed by this congress feel the need to open the nation up to illegal immigrants, many of whom are sick with the virus and have not been treated? Only the actions of New York Governor Cuomo and other Democratic governors who sent COVID infected patients into nursing homes can compare to this outrageous and dangerous action by President Biden concerning the epidemic of illegal immigration.  Congress is complacent by default.

Have you ever traveled to another country? I have for both business and pleasure. Before even planning a trip one decide where and why the trip is necessary and take time to find out what are the requirements to enter that country? Prior to COVID-19 it had been customary to obtain a visa (permission to enter) and pay the fee even before purchasing travel tickets. There are some countries that did not require a visa for certain travelers staying for less than 30 days. It’s really embarrassing to arrive and find out that a visa is required and you are without one. There are often costly penalties for “attempting” to enter without the proper travel documents. Those penalties could range from paying a fine to being deported and banned from entry. Let’s say you overstay your visa. Overstaying can initiate a host of other measures that could include imprisonment in a local jail or prison.

The Constitution is the Rule of Law in this Constitutional-Republic and the government is supposed to protect its citizens, while the citizens are to protect and defend the Constitution – (Full Circle).

Granted I’m not the smartest or the brightest bulb in the box but I know things. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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