Republican Women in the House


Republican Women in the House

  1. Ann Wagner – Missouri
  2. Ashley Hinson – Iowa
  3. Beth Van Duyne – Texas
  4. Carol Miller – West Virginia
  5. Cathy McMorris Rodgers – Washington
  6. Claudia Tenney – New York
  7. Debbie Lesko – Arizona
  8. Diana Harshbarger – Tennessee
  9. Elsie Stefanik – New York
  10. Jackie Walorski – Indiana
  11. Jaime Herrera Beutler – Washington
  12. Julia Letlow – Louisiana
  13. Kat Cammack – Florida
  14. Lisa McClain – Michigan
  15. Liz Cheney – Wyoming at-large
  16. Loren Boebert – Colorado
  17. Maria Elvira Salazar – Florida
  18. Mariannette Miller-Meeks – Iowa
  19. Marjorie Taylor Greene – Georgia
  20. Mary Miller – Illinois
  21. Michelle Fischbach – Minnesota
  22. Michelle Steel – California
  23. Nancy Mace – South Carolina
  24. Nicole Malliotakis – New York
  25. Stephanie Bice – Oklahoma
  26. Vicky Hartzler – Missouri
  27. Victoria Spartz – Indiana
  28. Virginia Foxx – North Carolina
  29. Young Kim – California
  30. Yvette Herrell – New Mexico

Congratulations to Julia Letlow the latest to join the freshman class of Republican women holding 30 of the 434 seats in the House of Representatives. Let me be clear that collectively Republicans tend to be loners in Congress. I know there are Republican Caucuses, committees and such but they tend to take a common sense approach to issues that are important to them individually.

Outside of hearing campaign rhetoric how many of these names do you recognize? How many of them believe the same as you or I? More importantly how many of them would you stand next to when it comes to defending the freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution?

I have been following a few of these women on social media and what I see are some of the brightest and strongest patriotic women who unhesitatingly stand up for their core beliefs in the face of adversity. Let me point out just a couple of names who have gotten my attention initially because they were endorsed by President Trump. That seemingly simple act of endorsement drew fire from top Democrats like Speaker Pelosi and others.

Take Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia one of her first acts was to introduce articles of impeachment for President Joe Biden for his actions as Vice President in Ukraine under President Obama. Those articles went nowhere as Speaker Pelosi was intent on impeaching President Trump even after he left office. What it did was place a target on the back of Rep. Greene who was removed from all committees as punishment. Ms. Greene didn’t back down.

Then take Rep. Loren Boebert of Colorado the simple fact that she let it be known that she had a concealed carry permit caused House Democrats to go into panic mode and claim to be victimized and traumatized by her being on the floor of the House. Rep. Boebert has posted pictures of her weapons over her fireplace and stating that they are all loaded and read. She has posted on social media that she never carries her weapons when going into the House chamber. Speaker Pelosi has had metal detectors installed and issued a warning that a $5,000 fine will be assessed for anyone going around the metal detectors. Speaker Pelosi has been seen violating her own “decree” by using an entrance where metal detectors are not installed.

I’m sure there are other notable Republican women in the House that have yet to flex their political muscle. One representative who did flex her muscle was Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming who was censured for voting against President Trump on a number of occasions. Not a really smart move after soliciting his endorsement.

Rep. Greene was on Fox News recently and listening to her common sense approach to legislating, her sense of commitment to God and country gave me a lot of reassurance that there is still hope for our nation when men and women not let cancel culture or political intimidation prevent us from doing what is right. She said we need more conservative businesses, entertainment, news outlets and politicians who are promoting America First.

I haven’t checked to see who among these women have bought into the Democratic lies and distortions of truth about President Trump, his MAGA followers and patriotic Republican voters, small business owners and home schoolers. It is time to take back to God and return our nation to a God fearing one where hate, fear and intimidation no longer rule. Love trumps hate and God’s love covers a multitude of sin.

What I feel should be a priority of Republicans women in the House is to become organized with likeminded legislators who are committed to representing the very people in their collective precincts and placing their constituent’s interests before personal or political interests. Something like a Republican Women’s Caucus where vetting is required before being admitted.

The Republican Party in Congress have all but forgotten that pooling resources toward a common goal is a much stronger chain than doing it alone as many have done in the past. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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