Hate Versus Hate


Hate Versus Hate

The Atlanta massage parlor murders have sparked a lot of talk about stopping Asian hate. Sadly that’s all it is – just talk and talk is cheap. Hate in any form is still hate and when left unchecked it leads to more hate. It’s like a dog chasing its tail.

This morning I saw on Twitter a posting about a protest rally against the Communist Chinese Party’s attack on the Uighur people of China being called racist by “Stop Asian Hate” protesters who are either ignorant of what Asian hate is or misinformed as to why they are protesting in the first place.

Flying under everybody’s radar and in the background is Facebook promoting products produced by forced Chinese laborers like the Uighur and others and nobody is paying attention, exactly what happens when cancel culture meets common sense in the real world.

All of this ties in nicely with the invasion of the US southern border by illegal immigrants wearing shirts and holding fancy signs obviously given to them as props for photos stating “Joe Biden let me in”. Hate knows no bounds.

Congress has politicized hate for years using it to divide America into groups or classes. Democrats calling MAGA patriots – deplorables, degenerates and Neanderthals is just another way of spreading hate while calling for more laws to deal with the hate they create. The antidote to hate is love and the source of love is God.

We don’t need more laws dealing with hate crimes. We need to enforce existing laws and punish violators according to the crimes they commit.

When someone says “go back to where you came from” or “go back to your country”, I ask what if they did go back. What if everyone went back to where they came from? Would we all fit on Mount Ararat in Iran? Isn’t that where Noah’s ark landed? Wouldn’t we all have to speak Iranian?

Why not do as the bible tells us – Love God and everyone around us. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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