The Invasion of America


The Invasion of America

I don’t believe for a minute that either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris is the one leading the country astray. That would give them credit they do not deserve. Using the combined brain power of these two individuals they could not dream up the things we see happening along our Southern border. I do believe is there are a select group funding, organizing and executing a brown invasion of America that began years ago.

Remember the caravans of the Trump years when American legal teams crossed into Mexico to “coach” migrants in order to present themselves as refugees? Those acts were against US immigration laws but did anybody get arrested or go to jail? There were trains, buses and all manner of vehicles transporting people from South, Central and North American countries as well as from Africa and the Middle East with their progress was being closely reported by the media like a giant tsunami headed toward the US border. As they got closer they were walking while using mobile phones – men, women and children (many unaccompanied) with the intent to cross into the United States after a journey of more than 30 days and many hundreds of miles. Where did the food, water, transportation and lodging costs come from? Who supplied the finances?  The propaganda being used like today’s signs and shirts “Joe Biden please let me in”! Where did they come from?

What happened with the arrangement made by Trump between the US, other Central Americans countries and Mexico to stop the caravans or face sanctions? Mexican troops on the Guatemala border literally stopped the migration in its tracks. The same Mexican president pleaded with Biden to do something as Mexico cannot regulate the flow of migrants to the United States. Why are they being allowed into Mexico at all? Those migrants arriving at the border are not refugees fleeing oppression. They simply appear to be people just wanting to be let in to the US. Why have we not closed the border and released them back into Mexico? Is not the president responsible for homeland security and his administration responsible to ensure the security and safety of our national borders?

The only explanation I can think of is that Joe Biden is a feckless president unable to stand up for America. There is a power behind this push for an open border and it is much bigger than the Biden-Harris Administration can handle. Is it George Soros, Barack Obama or Satan himself?

This struggle for power has existed throughout the ages of time and we are but fleeting pawns. A whiff and we’re gone yet God is in full control and absolutely nothing surprises him. It is time we fall to our knees and repent begging forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our nation. We must pray for our nation’s leadership and ask God to intervene. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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