Random Thoughts on Death and Dying


Random Thoughts on Death and Dying

When a friend dies one begins to think about our own mortality. We think back on how we first met, whether or not we had constant or occasional contact and that last time we saw that person. We tend to think that person is now in the arms of a loving God.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the Father but through me.” – John 14:6.

It is not for me to judge whether a person obtained salvation or speculate on their eternal destination. I must ask myself did I witness and show the love of God to that person when I had the opportunity?

For the family death can be overwhelmingly a time of sadness and utter sorrow. The show of support from family and friends is an important part of the grieving process. We like to think that our loved one, our friend made a difference in someone’s life and to see them at the funeral is confirmation.

I have experienced a number of family and friends dying over my 71 years and each death hits me differently. I’ve been to funeral services where the church or funeral home was packed, standing room only. The eulogy often painted a picture of that person as a good person that everyone loved and will be sorely missed. Almost always it is implied that they are looking down from above. I have a problem when I know the person I know literally lived like the devil. I’ve been to memorial services where I’ve been the only one standing there. I’ve been to military funerals where full military honors have been rendered and I’ve stood the flag line as a Patriot Guard Rider as noisy protesters shouted nearby.

Funerals are often very personal.

When a public figure dies the funeral quite often becomes a public spectacle especially when it becomes political like the death of a former president, a sitting justice on the SCOTUS, or a sitting member of Congress no longer private events as world leaders and public figures make their appearance to offer their condolences.

I wonder where was the voices of the families when prominent democratic politicians publicly banned President Trump from attending any of the services? Never in my lifetime have I ever experienced or seen that level of public hatred. When expedient or convenient some family members got on their political soap box with scathing condemnation of the president for perceived wrongs toward their loved one. Where was the grieving over their loved one?

Other public figures when their political affiliation is different are simply ignored or ridiculed in the media or by public figures that deem only themselves more worthy (and they have a platform).

Life is the one activity where nobody gets out alive. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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