The Chameleon

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The Chameleon

Chameleon Animal Facts

The chameleon is a species of lizard. There are over 160 species of chameleon spread across Madagascar, Spain, Africa, Asia, and Portugal.

However there is one very distinct type of chameleon that was not included, that of the American politician with whom political party affiliation is irrelevant and politics is based largely on greed with the accumulation of money and power.

On the local level the politician appeals to voters promising solutions to local issues and in many cases on the surface delivering on those promises. Almost always there are hidden agendas and subsequently all roads lead to Washington D.C. and into the White House.

We see it time and time again during presidential election campaigning where hopefuls vie for their party’s nomination. Look at the 2016 election, how many GOP candidates were hoping to challenge the lone DNC candidate? In the end it was a non-politician who bested the GOP candidates, got the nomination and ultimately entered the White House.

The election of 2020 was the complete opposite with a cast of political who’s who, seemingly scraping the bottom of the political barrel seeking the DNC nomination to challenge the GOP incumbent. The infighting between candidates sent a clear message to American voters that not one had the welfare of America in mind. They aired all the dirt on each other and promised free stuff amounting to “cash for votes”. In the end it was a no holds barred, all out dirty tricks free for all with the worst of the worst coming out on top and entering the White House.

What I saw during the campaign cycle was a lifetime politician promising to fix the issues America has faced during his almost 40 years in political office. His running mate ran as a black woman, a Jamaican-American and now as Vice President admits she is an Indian-American Woman of color. She is a true political Chameleon with PSAs highlighting her political record as a law and order prosecutor and attorney general, but neglecting to say how she actually got there – politically. I have written a number of blogs on her political rise to power and have been heavily criticized and called a racist for even bringing up her political past. In my opinion her historical achievements as a woman and a politician have been accentuating the wrong “skillset”.

As I said party affiliation has no bearing as politicians on each side of the isle seemingly cast they vote and weight in the direction the political wind is blowing. We’ve seen it with RINOs and DINOs (cross isle politicians) who have taken advantage of a vast number of American voters. It’s time to wake up to the large scale destruction of American values, traditions and the American way of life by self-serving politicians. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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