The Obamization of the Democratic Party


The Obamization of the Democratic Party

After the First World War and before the Second World War the thing that happened was the rise of Austrian Adolf Hitler to power but not in a place of his birth – Germany where the unthinkable became reality and affected the entire planet.

Another significant event occurred on September 11th, 2001 that changed the course of the United States and Barack Obama studied the writings of Saul Alinsky and began quest in the political arena as a politician in Chicago and culminated in the White House in 2009. Although term limits allowed only 2 terms his plans to extend his reign through a Hillary Clinton presidency were interrupted by the entrance of Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Throughout his time as an Illinois state senator, as a US senator and his presidency Obama continued building his political empire vicariously by transforming the Democratic Party of old into a modern Progressive Liberal Democratic Party where members of the Congressional Black Caucus steered House Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi to con the American people into a massive game of “Dump Trump”.

Utilizing the Alinsky playbook of picking and isolating the target (Trump) and restlessly attacking his character and reputation, demonizing him and his supporters it became an “anything goes” campaign to prevent his reelection.

The “coup de grâce” was insuring the most unelectable Democratic candidates (Biden-Harris) replaced the Trump-Pence administration in the election of 2020 in an in your face election fraud scandal of unimaginable proportions. To pull it off there had to be an unprecedented deception involving news media outlets, internet social media and backed by various government agency insiders.

When the Trump campaign contested the elections one-sided results they were demonized Trump supporters to the point of the staged takeover of the MAGA rally, as they prepared to watch the counting of electoral votes at the Nation’s Capital on January 6th, 2021.

Even after the inauguration of team Biden on January 20th, the Pelosi lead witch hunt continued with a second impeachment of Trump, the identification and arrest of anyone who entered the Capital on January 6th, adding those identified on January 6th to a no fly list and the weaponizing of various agencies within the DOJ to literally go after anyone self-identifying as MAGA supporters in an attempt to detract from the massive election fraud.

The latest is a Pelosi endorsed investigation of the events of January 6th, much like the Russia Hoax and the 2 impeachments of Trump – smoke and mirrors.

Under a Democratic Administration and Congress the coarse directional change of America to topple statues and monuments deemed offensive or racist; the placement of an actual racist and criminal monument to George Floyd; institutional racism (CBC); indoctrination of critical race theory (it’s a theory!) to weaken the Department of Defense and our military is proof that someone is pulling the political strings and bankrolling the weakening and downfall of our nation and its Constitution it is clearly the Obamization is the new face of the Democratic Party in the same manner as the Hitlerization of Germany.

Obama identified with Saul Alinsky’s promotion of the idea that money and people were power. The one who controlled the most people had the most power. Anyone who opposed him were either enticed financially or buried politically to make room for another. Climate change, race and gender were merely bargaining tools and there is no middle ground. Winning is the end game.

Don’t believe me – prove me wrong! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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