American versus Un-American or Anti-American


American versus Un-American or Anti-American

How has it has become socially acceptable to call patriotism racist, white privilege, un-American and even anti-American to the point of being downright frowned upon in the United States of America? The US Flag has a proud heritage that brings out patriotism among our citizens, respect from our allies and fear in our enemies. So which is it for you?

What began as a statement against police brutality of blacks by Colin Kapernick who chose to kneel during the national anthem turned into a full-fledged assault on our nation by our own citizens and cost him his role as a football player in the NFL. Soon it became unacceptable to remain standing with right hand over the heart, hats off demonstrating honor and respect for the flag, the anthem or the nation which they represent. It ushered in an attitude of disrespect for the laws of our land, the men and women who enforced those laws and even those who served in the armed forces of the United States. Rather than put a stop to it, the franchise owners, team managers and even the NFL management team chose capitulation and bowed before the “Goliath” called racism. Oh there have been a few brave souls who refused to bow, until forced by peer pressure from team members or face public scorn for standing.

This practice spread faster than a forest fire to other team sports and in particular the US Olympic Teams who represent our nation in international competition and has become an accepted norm in pro sports. Yet the pros weren’t the only ones affected, as public school sports capitulated like dominoes and spread to baseball, soccer and auto racing circles.

When newly elected Trump rescued California athletic team members from potential prison time in China for stealing sunglasses, one parent said it was no big deal and media outlets characterized the president as just seeking credit while Congress demonized Trump as a racist and continue to this day. As the America First mantra began generating national pride and patriotism liberals turned it into white privilege and called it racist.

Soon it was acceptable to call for the defunding of police, abolishing police forces all together and allowing mob rule in cities and states across the nation. Politicians refused to call a halt to rioting, mayhem and murder simply because Trump was against it.

Biden said America was back, bigger and stronger than ever before and I ask back from where, stronger than what? It is clear that the democratic campaign of bullying conservatives, hunting down patriots because they won’t bend a knee (except to pray) or paying people off with other people’s money, stimulus, welfare or outright cash (pay to play) schemes that rob America of her values as escribed in the Constitution just isn’t working.

When the president stands before international world leaders and calls America bad it sends a message to friends and enemies alike that we can’t be trusted. (After all who would elect someone that dense?)

When the president tells a political adversary not to attack 16 vital infrastructure that could produce devastating harm to our nation, it emboldens our enemies because we are weak.

When the president tells American’s they will need F-15s and nuclear weapons to come after him, it shows how out of touch this president really is.

We’ve had two recent presidents who travel the world over apologizing for the sins of protecting their countries from aggression in times of war or conflict, what kind of message does that give? Their skin colors are vastly different, yet their message is the same – America is bad!

Americans are like frogs in a pot of lukewarm water and the burner is on warm. Unless we wake up collectively when we realize that our goose is cooked – it will already be too late.

Congressional Democrats have said that elections have consequences, and they do. Look around at every blue state controlled by democratic congresses or governors and you will see anarchy running amok. Crime is rising and neighborhoods are less safe than they always have been. Gangs are rioting or causing trouble and nothing is being done to stop it.

The 2022 midterm elections are coming up in the near future and two things need to happen. 1) – Electronic voting machines must be banned throughout the 50 states. 2) – Voters must exercise their right to vote against same-oh, same-oh politics as usual. Look at every candidate running for political office at every level and vote for the one that endorses the same values you hold dear. It doesn’t matter if you vote Red, White or Blue but vote what is best for your family. Then hold them accountable when they don’t live up to their campaign promises.

Patriotism – honors our country and what it stands for.

Un-Americanism – dishonors our country and all that it stands for.

Anti-Americanism – actively works to destroy our country, its people and what we stand for.

Romans 12:18 NIV “If it be possible, as much as liveth in you, live peaceably with all men” – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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