Vote Protection or Voter Suppression

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Vote Protection or Voter Suppression

Republican led state congresses across the nation are crafting stricter laws for protecting the vote while Democrats are calling it voter suppression so which is it?

Following the 2020 Presidential election which both sides call the “Big Lie” it’s easy to get sucked into the fray, without really having a clear idea of what is right and what is not.

During the 2020 campaign season Congressional Democrats began calling for mass mailings of absentee ballots for everyone and saying that every vote counts. I tend to think that was a pre-planned assault on the American voting system and against law abiding American voters.

Congressional Republicans called for voter identification verification so that every “legal” vote cast would count. Some of the problems Republicans saw were a tilting of the system so that voter fraud and election fraud could more easily happen when precincts failed to update accurate voter databases. It became clear that multiple ballets were sent to individuals who did not request them, nor were their registration record verified before ballots were collected and/or submitted.

Another problem area was that of collection boxes and the use of USPS “big blue boxes” where ballots were routed through USPS mail handling facilities and transferred to precinct ballot collection centers in a timely manner. Democrats claimed that Trump ordered blue boxes removed to make it harder for disadvantaged voters to mail in their ballots. What happened was that precinct processing centers were ordered closed in certain states, then multiple boxes containing suspect ballots were brought in, run through the electronic machines, after voting hours had ceased.

Each state is responsible for abiding by their own voting laws and it is up to elected or appointed officials to insure that every phase of the election process is done with the utmost diligence to insure that electoral delegates are chosen in accordance with the will of the people without political or outside interference. Once votes are counted, ballots certified and electorates’ selected, so that state officials can send certified documentation to Congress prior to the Electoral College votes being read and certified in Congress and a president-elect declared.

There has been a lot of back and forth bickering over who did or didn’t do what they were required to do. Because voting laws vary with each of the 50 states it is imperative that everything be done correctly.

What we’re seeing now are Democrats attempting to impede voter law reform by leaving their states to prevent proposed laws from being voted on. Governors are threatening to dock the pay of legislators who partake in this “boycott” in state congresses.

 As I see it, everyone benefits when registered voters exercise their constitutional right to vote. Nobody benefits when fraudulent voting occurs or is condoned. The Constitution states that voting is a right of citizenship. What the Constitution does not say is that everyone can vote or that every ballot counts.

Voter fraud is illegal in every state and within the United States. Violation of voting laws are serious and should hold serious penalties.

It matters not ones political party affiliation when it comes to exercising one’s right to vote. Every properly registered voter’s ballot counts. Voter identification is the only way to insure one person – one vote. Any political faction, private entity or individual against protecting the integrity of every voter should be held accountable for their actions aimed at perverting voter laws. Only cheaters intend to cheat by subverting or ignoring voter laws. Don’t be a voter cheater! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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