COVID-19 Alpha Variant, Delta Variant and Delta Plus Variant


COVID 19 Alpha Variant, Delta Variant and Delta Plus Variant

We are being told that the coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2) is a mutating virus (K417N) that gets more deadly over time and that seems to go against science because experts tell us that when a virus mutates it becomes weaker, not stronger.

So how are these “variants” showing up? Alpha Variant in the UK, Delta Plus Variant in India and now we’re seeing a rise in cases in the US. Maybe, just maybe the rise can be accounted for by the influx of illegal migrants being let into the US, instead of first being treated in their home countries. Why have the sick not been isolated, examined and diagnosed with a treatment plan to be completed BEFORE being allowed into the US? Why have all the “rules” been thrown out the window by our government officials to the detriment of the general public?

What we are told that we know is the symptoms are a cough, shortness of breath and a fever and that it is vastly similar to the flu. We have heard little of cases, treatment and deaths attributed to the flu, as it seems to be a lot more that we don’t know. That scares the so-called medical and scientific experts and that fear is transferred exponentially to the American public in an attempt to cajole, harass and shame everyone to get one of the vaccines, which have not been proven to be 100% effective against COVID-19.

What we know is this manmade virus takes away the blood’s ability to carry oxygen through the blood stream. We know that well known medications like Hydroxychloroquine with a Z-pack when administered after a diagnosis by a medical doctor after being properly prescribed can return the blood’s ability to transport oxygen in the blood stream normally.

We are told that some people may require a ventilator or must be intubated on mechanical ventilation, sedated and placed on life support and that diagnosis says nothing about restoring the bloods ability to carry oxygen. Using a ventilator to “help” fully functioning lungs without oxygen can lead to serious injury and even death.

So rather than focus on the number of reported cases, why don’t these “experts” report and focus on the number of deaths attributable strictly to COVID-19 without regard to the different variants?

For the government to mandate vaccination violates individual rights under the Constitution and when loss of life occurs after the jab, who then will be held accountable? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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