More J6 Dribble


More J6 Dribble

It amazes me (no not really) that a recent CNN headline calls J6 Trump’s attempted coup and Biden has awarded 6 Congressional Medals of Freedom to J6 first responders for saving our democracy. Exactly what democracy did they save and from whom? They keep referring it as an armed insurrection and the intruders were after the entire legislative body but stopped by US Capitol Police, DC Metro Police, Secret Service and possibly private security for various legislators.

This story sound too much like the 2012 movie “White House Down” where an army of North Korean special operators actually took out ALL the secret service, except a single agent who saved the day, killed the infiltrators and saved the president.

Only this was no movie, and it surely wasn’t a coup by sitting President Donald Trump. In fact the president cannot stage a coup to unseat himself.

(That is the purpose of a coup right?)

A coup is like when Speaker Pelosi contacted Chairman of the Joint Chiefs directly instructing him to not follow orders from President Trump and keep him away from the nuclear football.

A coup is answering and responding to Pelosi’s order.

A coup is not activating the National Guard when offered by President Trump – Optics.

The intrusion was a pre-planned staged intrusion into the US Capitol, under the direct control and supervision of USCP officers who held doors and waved people inside. It began at precisely the time that the six swing state electoral ballots were about to be officially read into the record.

Another fact that is being distorted is that the four officer suicides in the 6 months after J6 were a direct result of combatting intruders during the J6 riot. But failing to mention or discuss the murder of Ashli Babbitt by USCP Lieutenant Michael L. Byrd on J6.

Has any press coverage been given of the arrests without charges or bail of the more than 500 people who were seen on camera inside or outside the Capitol on J6? I wonder how that can be in this “home of the brave, land of the free” where the constitutional right to a speedy trial is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment.

We are told and expected to believe this was an angry mob sent by President Trump to prevent his duly elected successor from being inaugurated. Well I don’t buy it! Why were there no National Guard troops alerted or on station until 1700 hours (5PM) on J6 – Optics?

From the very beginning when the election results were contested by President Trump it became all hands on deck to attack him and his supporters while ignoring the glaring evidence of election and voter fraud. When calling for a forensic audit of all 50 states the wall of resistance went up even higher.

Congressional Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate, aided by legislators of both political parties jumped on board the proverbial USS Insurrection so as not to offend the status quo.

It is my belief and firm conviction that heads need to roll over the actual insurrection since 2017. The current administration is not equipped, nor are they able to objectively examine the many facets of wrong doing by specific individuals when presented with the truth. The damage has already been done and is now continuing to under the current administration and legislative body.

J6 (January 6th, 2021) is the benchmark whereby Congressional Democrats have taken their best shot at destroying the Trump legacy and the credibility of the United States of America.

Wasn’t it Patrick Henry that said “Give me liberty or give me death”? It was Joe Biden who said come on in we’ll leave the light on for you – unless you’re a refugee from Cuba. The safety and security of the nation is at stake.

Laws have been broken, people should have gone to prison, why not already? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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