Connecting the Dots


Connecting the Dots

I remember when civil unrest by domestic terrorists wreaked havoc in places like Portland and Seattle and when President Trump sent in federal agents you’d think he had set fire to the Federal Courthouse in Portland. Remember the “No Go Zone” and Antifa assaulting the courthouse, police precincts and private citizens in those cities? It was Speaker Pelosi who contacted the mayor of Portland, telling him to just let it ride. Do nothing and refuse federal aid offered by the president.

I also remember the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis where peaceful protesters marched to highlight the civil unrest resulting from the “murder” of Floyd in police custody. Based on what we saw on video, read in official police reports and saw on television the peaceful protest turned into looting, burning, loss of life, rioting and anarchy as groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa flooded into the local community and led efforts to stir up racism in Minnesota and across the nation. Members of congress became personally involved in marching and chanting “defund the police”, while surrounded by their personal security details.

There have been instances of civil unrest in every major city across America ever since the spark touched off in Minneapolis. In every case it has been BLM and Antifa members at the root of it. In every case local elected officials have given these domestic terrorists blanket immunity from prosecution, even when there has been loss of life.

Remember the McCloskey husband and wife who brandish fire arms as a mostly peaceful mob kicked in their gate encroached on their property in Missouri while terrorizing this family. What happened? The mob was not arrested nor even scolded. Instead the Attorney General arrested the couple and charged them with brandishing firearms, if not more. More recently the Missouri Governor pardoned the McCloskeys and everyone has all but forgotten about protecting your family, home and property in America.

A well-publicized event on January 6th, 2021 was when MAGA supporters came to Washington DC to listen to President Trump as he told them to walk down to the Capitol building so that legislators would know America is watching the counting of the Electoral College ballots. How easy it was for Antifa to do it again, like they did in Minneapolis and like they are still doing in Portland – causing havoc, destroying property inside the Capitol and carrying MAGA and Trump flags, hats and wearing gear that points to President Trump as the inciter of an insurrection against the Temple of Democracy, which in all probability was orchestrated by the Speaker herself.

In fact on January 8th, 2021 Speaker Pelosi contacted General Miley about not following orders from the President. She then sent a letter out to Congressional Democrats laying all the blame on Trump and called him a demented president who must resign or be forced out by congress.

It appears to me that someone was and is demented in Washington DC and it surely wasn’t Trump. In fact Trump has resided rent free in the minds of Democrats for the past 5 years and there is yet to be any sign of him moving out or being evicted. So fearful that Trump would run again in 2024, they continue to skew reports and false information to show the danger to America is clearly from Trump.

I say Congressional Democrats are a danger to this nation. They continue to use COVID as an excuse to spend taxpayer dollars, but money that doesn’t even exist.

Democrats strive to control the massive population of this country by mandating the wearing of facial coverings and vaccines that are largely yet unproven over a virus that they still don’t understand. They determine their own COVID rules and follow them only when in front of a live camera.

I don’t care if you are a democrat or a republican, the first thing we all must do is act like Americans and maintain our focus on the Constitutional safeguards in our founding documents, which are based on biblical principles. Stop letting those who don’t know, keep telling you that you are the problem and they are the victims.

Elected politicians are NOT the caretakers of our freedoms or the authority on what rights we have been graciously given by our benefactor government. Ultimately our rights come from Almighty God and they are enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and guaranteed for every citizen.

It is the job of the President of the United States to control immigration as he sees fit, however it is not his discretion to break any laws in doing so. This president and his administration have shredded immigration laws by preventing Cuban political refugees from entering the country, while welding open the gates of our nation to anybody who tends to walk in from Mexico, without regard to their country of birth, whether or not they are healthy or in need of medical attention.

There are penalties for violating immigration laws, helping migrants to break the law and enter illegally, yet sitting members of congress are now acting as coaches instead of official law makers – they have become official law breakers! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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