Barack You Are NOT Invited


Barack You Are NOT Invited

What a profound exhibition – throwing your own birthday party and downsizing your guest list to only family and close friends and asking for donations of $6 – $60, then hosting only 700 guests at your Martha’s Vineyard estate. That was very presidential of you!

I have always figured you to be the consummate community organizer in chief even during your years in congress and in the White House. If there was any doubt this year’s 60th birthday party arranged and hosted by and for you and your rich Hollywood and upscale friends cinched if for me.

And to think that us ordinary folks had to forgo funerals, church worship services, small businesses due to COVID-19 and have been throttled by social media for speaking up, questioning a rigged election which didn’t affect you in the slightest.

Just so I make myself perfectly clear – this year I’m throwing a MEGA party celebrating my 72 years on this earth and YOU ARE NOT INVITED! In fact you can keep your manservant away too so he doesn’t have to worry about missing his nap time or important meeting in the Oval Office. You can also pass the word on to Miss Nancy, Uncle Chuck and the entire Democrew in Washington DC to steer clear of my section of flyover country and although I almost forgot Queen Hillary and Sir William J. are not on the guest list either.

I don’t know the man but should Big Don make it out west I’d be happy to take a selfie with him and announce my first endorsement for 2024. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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