Hold Elected Officials Accountable – Impeach Them All


Hold Elected Officials Accountable – Impeach them all

I mistakenly said to recall all politicians. Someone asked exactly what for?

Exactly what they said Trump did! It was then that I realized that recall wasn’t the word I should have used so I changed it to “Impeach”.

If the shoe fits – wear it!

According to the US Constitution, elected officials can be impeached, and impeachment is a sole responsibility of the House of Representatives.

We watched as President Trump was impeached not once, but twice and those same legislators are trying to figure out how to keep him from running for office again.

I say we already figured out how to keep THEM from running for office again too – Impeach them!

Did you know that articles of impeachment were written up on President Biden on day one by newly elected Marjory Taylor Green (R-GA) for misconduct against Ukraine as Vice President? What happened to them? For an impeachment to occur someone has to write up articles of impeachment and the Speaker of the House decides whether or not to send it to committee, bring it to a vote or do nothing. Guess what Speaker Pelosi did – Nothing?

I realize that the reality of asking congress to impeach itself is like asking a toddler to change its own diaper. Before the job gets done there is a huge stinky mess all over everything and everyone around. Yet what America needed and still needs is for congress to impeach itself.

Democratically led members of congress began an active resistance of Trump on day one of his presidency. Some boycotted the inauguration, others his state of the union addresses, Speaker Pelosi even tore up her copy behind his back but on camera for all to see. Over the 4 years of his presidency members of congress openly calling for harassment and violence and even death of the newly elected President of the United States, his family, White House staff and members of his Administration, as well as other members of congress, like Senator Paul Rand who was attacked first at home and later while leaving a MAGA rally. Has anyone been held accountable, gone to prison or even suffered a reprimand? I think not.

The resistance included White House staff members, administrative employees and even a member of the Secret Service’s Presidential Detail refused her assignment of guarding the President. She should have been fired on the spot, not reassigned.

At a time when the GOP held both the House and the Senate they failed America by not supporting Trumps radical agenda – Congress do your job – fix immigration, correct Obama’s unconstitutional executive order on DACA, abolish the Affordable Care Act and most importantly – Build the Wall.

During Trump’s first meeting with congressional leaders in the Oval Office it was then House Minority Leader Pelosi who made a veiled threat directly to President Trump, “You don’t know the importance I bring to this meeting”.

They say hindsight is 2020, after the GOP lost the House to the Democrats the new House Speaker Pelosi began her threats of impeachment starting with the Russian Collusion hoax, the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation and then the Ukrainian Debacle.

Speaker Pelosi then advanced articles of impeachment on trumped up charges and after the drawn out circus of a trial in the Senate the result was acquittal on all charges as 2020  while Americans began the battle of COVID-19.

President Trump began emergency actions to prevent the virus from entering the nation, engaged private enterprise and government agencies in ramping up PPE production, fast-tracking vaccines and activating emergency medical agencies to deal with the virus.

All stops were pulled out during the election voting on November 3rd and in the early morning hours of November 4th the electoral tide had suddenly taken a turn and the tally had flipped with Biden taking the lead, even though President Trump had received more votes that either Obama or Hillary in recent elections.

As President Trump’s team contested the election results and began the process of seeking a recount of certain swing states the Biden team began declaring Biden’s Office of the President-Elect the winner and asking the president to concede. The Trump team met with resistance to legal challenge after legal challenge and as a joint session of Congress prepared to count the electoral ballots of certain swing states the events of January 6th, 2021 sent America on a new course.

A Trump rally in Washington DC with a planned walk to the Capitol encountered an unexpected situation where Antifa’s domestic terrorists entered the Capitol disguised as MAGA supporters and began committing domestic violence and attacking Capitol Police, even before the first of the MAGA supporters had arrived at the Capitol. The only casualty of this action was USAF veteran Ashli Babbitt who was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer as she crawled unarmed through a broken window.

Speaker Pelosi called it an act of insurrection and brought in National Guard troops to erect a fence around the Capitol and the FBI began hunting down, arresting and detaining everyone who could be identified in or around the Capitol.

Speaker Pelosi immediately began the second impeachment as Trump prepared to leave office. In fact it was well after the inauguration of Biden that Trump was acquitted of inciting a coup.

This assault on the Capitol was surely an act of domestic violence, exactly as it continues in Portland, Oregon today where Antifa thugs attack private citizens as local police standby and do nothing.

I contend the actual insurrection began in 2017 with the inauguration of President Trump and was led by House Speaker Pelosi and assisted by Senate Majority Leader Schumer and members of congress from both political parties who actively participated by defying, ignoring or breaking US laws, placing lives and livelihood of Americans at risk by ridiculous mandates of masking and vaccinations while allowing illegal migrants into the nation without documentation and often carrying diseases or infected with COVID-19.

Current members of the Biden administration, former members of the Obama administration, members of congress and former members of congress have actively engaged in treasonous activities with enemy state governments and insurgents thereby undermining the Trump administration policies and the national welfare and safety of American citizens.

I also contend that current and former members of congress have lied in congress, lied to congress, lied to the American people, spread misinformation concerning President Trump while conspiring with each other, with the media, social media and aided enemy state governments against the values of the United States. They have actively condoned and assisted illegal immigrants, human traffickers making America far less safe than ever before. They have actively sought to interfere with the 2020 election tabulation results while ignoring charges of election fraud.

Every member of congress who voted to break US laws by playing follow the leader should be charged with racketeering and prosecuted regardless of political party affiliation.

American voters must install new members of congress to uphold the Constitution, not tear it apart.

Members of congress must hold themselves and each other to the highest standard of public service. Our government must close the border and work hard to reestablish America’s dominance on the world stage.

In short they must do their best to Make America Great Again.

If legislators do not take pride in themselves as representatives of their legislative district AND hold the best interests of America above their own personal interests – who will? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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