Unbelievable Response from Biden State Department


Unbelievable Response from Biden State Department

I’ve heard enough already. First Secretary of Defense Austin says US not capable of getting Americans out of Afghanistan, although “we can move 6,000+ people per day” and we’ll have them all out by the end of the month (12 days away).

Then pictures show C-17 aircraft loaded with 600+ Afghan civilians being flown out, only to be diverted near the Pakistani border.

Follow that up with “it’s an all hands on deck” effort by our State Department to get Americans out of Afghanistan, but each US Citizen must sign a loan agreement to pay $2,500 per person and have all their documentation in order (passports, identification, etc, etc) before they can get on the plane.


During the recovery of Americans from a war torn area it is the duty and responsibility of the United States government to safely get our people out of harm’s way, BEFORE moving 1 foreign civilian.

And a top Democrat today said “it’s not sensible to try and get our folks out” of Afghanistan.

I’m sorry but it takes quite a lot to get me riled up and this administration’s response takes the cake.

It appears that they are deathly afraid of missing the August 31st deadline set by President Biden for a total withdraw out of Afghanistan. Doesn’t that include OUR PEOPLE?

Doesn’t this smell Obama all over it? 8 years of BHO roaming the world apologizing for America bailing the oppressed from oppressive regimes, and now we have a sniveling Biden telling the world, through his surrogates, that we are incapable of taking care of our own? Even after US Embassy officials sent cables to Secretary of State Blinken over a month ago warning of Taliban activities and the need to evacuate quickly.

Once again Americans are in crisis mode caused entirely by a corrupt and inept presidential administration clearly not prepared or equipped to plan an orderly withdrawal. An entire airbase has been handed over lock, stock and barrel to enemy terrorists with whom we are ASKING PERMISSION to let our people pass through? Oh and by the way, promise to establish a representative government and to treat women fairly, Okay? C’mon Man!

Meanwhile back in America we are told that school children need to mask up, doctors, nurses and medical staff need to get the jab or they will be axed and it’s happening.

Hollywood would have us believe that sending in Arnold, Chuck, Bruce and a few other big name geriatric stars can rescue one damsel in distress, while real world military “experts” say we have no capability to help our own.

Well the gig is up folks, Kabul has now become Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi 2021. Prove me wrong! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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