Who Let the Dogs Out?


Who Let the Dogs Out?

What we’re seeing is a massive power shift of global proportions. We have former-President Obama who left office and now lives in a huge mansion on the east coast and is virtually unchallenged or affected by events or the COVID mania sweeping the globe.

We have former-President Trump who left his mansion, set aside his wealth and after leaving office relocated to an estate where he continues to be challenged, ridiculed and harassed at every turn, yet does not let world events deter him from his stated purpose to make America great again.

We have President Biden who has always wanted to be where he is today, but is cognitively unable to execute the duties of his office, causing a rapid decline in America and globally. His policies and his administration are arguably a continuation of the policies of his former boss (Obama).

The entire strength and resources of the United States government have been harnessed by someone behind a curtain of secrecy and stealth like a huge weapon aimed at the neurological forehead of our government in Washington D.C. seemingly undetectable from the outside.

We have a state sponsored migratory attack coming continually across the US southern border, while every other entry point conducts business as usual. Our military has been infiltrated with nonsensical divisive theories and hunting for ghosts while actual terrorists roam about in plain sight. Our allies have been abandoned. Our citizens overseas are left to fend for themselves, or pay a “hostage fee” to our own government for the privilege of being evacuated from a hostile environment, while we continue to bring fighting age non-citizen males into the US aboard repatriation flights without hesitation.

Admittedly the United States is the most powerful nation on earth, yet kept at bay by paper tigers of our own choosing as discussed by Lara Logan on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the topic is “Afghanistan” https://fb.watch/7vsM9YffDg/ and I want to know who let the dogs out?

It’s past time for this insanity to stop. It’s time to hold traitorous politicians accountable for their treasonous actions that have brought us here. Every distraction happening around us has the sole purpose of keeping us divided and in conflict with each other. What we need is a unified purpose, a single mission that will right the ship of state and put America back on track.

Be the change! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



One thought on “Who Let the Dogs Out?

  1. If the leaks in a ship is not repaired, it can not stay afloat.
    This applies to the USA’s position in the Geopolitical arena.
    This administration is being seen as weak and open to foreign attack.


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