Facebook Fact Checkers Account Warning


Facebook Fact Checkers Account Warning

When I opened up FB this morning I was greeted with a warning from an article I posted some time ago that was found to violate “FB community standards which are the same worldwide”. It would be comical because there is no standardized worldwide community standard for western, eastern and in fact more than 190 individual nations have their own norms or standards.

FB uses political standards in the US that warn, restrict and ban the political right, while allowing the political left unfettered access. Take the removing and banning the official account postings of then sitting President Donald Trump and continuing his ban as a private citizen. But the unchallenged official account postings of sitting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris where they continue to post false information and lies pertaining to immigration, national policy and the US economic situation in America. When will they be held accountable by the same “community” standard?

It is obvious that there are postings that defame individuals, slander their good name or call for them to be attacked and even killed – which may in fact be violations of US federal laws. Other postings within the international community that call for the death of America and Israel must somehow violate international laws, but are not held accountable. Personal opinions and satire are nothing more than voicing likes and dislikes over specific subject matter.

Everyone has an opinion(s) on everything and that is what draws people to social media, so FB must remain neutral, yet differentiate between postings calling for violence and personal opinions using satirical mems. 

If someone commits treasonable acts by corresponding to others it is not the responsibility of FB fact checkers to warn or restrict the account of someone who points out this unlawful correspondence. FB should instead alert federal authorities of the contents of the correspondence and its author. This obvious double standard used by FB, and its hired fact checkers or other agents must cease. Saying there is a single worldwide community standard applicable to everyone is in itself false.

Lastly, using word flags or algorithms to single out opposing political opinions or satire should be against every community standard. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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