A Discussion of Term Limits and Other Matters


A Discussion of Term Limits and Other Matters

I hear people say we need term limits on Congress just like we have for the President. Well guess what Congress is considering term limits, just not for them but for the Supreme Court. That’s right why should those justices have a lifetime job without having to campaign every 2 – 6 years like Congress?

We need to start somewhere, right?

Why don’t we start with the law making body?  I mean if Congress is serious let them start by making some basic changes that affect Congress, after all they are the law makers.

These are changes to consider:

  1. Limit all 535 members of Congress to a maximum of 2 terms.
  2. Remove the benefit of a retirement package after 5 years of “public service”.
  3. Remove free lifetime healthcare for former members and their families.
  4. Defund and remove ALL congressional caucuses.
  5. Eliminate ALL congressional committees and sub-committees.
  6. Remove cost of living expenses that cover living near the nation’s Capital.
  7. Eliminate breaks during session of Congress (adopt 5 ½ day work days) X 52 weeks per year.
  8. Require complete commitment to upholding and safeguarding the US Constitution.

Then we can discuss the Supreme Court:

  1. Permanently establish the number of Supreme Court Justices to Nine, with on Chief Justice.
  2. Renounce and abolish political party membership upon swearing in to SCOTUS.
  3. Require complete commitment to insuring laws comply with and are in accordance to the US Constitution.
  4. Set term limit to 10 years maximum for all justices on the SCOTUS.

These are not unreasonable requests. It is the duty of each member of Congress to place the needs of “We The People” ahead of financial, personal, political gain and to protect and secure the freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic.

It is the duty of each justice on the Supreme Court to protect the US Constitution from unscrupulous political operatives and safeguard the people’s rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

By the same token it is not only the right, but the responsibility of every US Citizen to fully vet every candidate for political office BEFORE voting blindly by political party affiliation. The future of our children and that of our nation depend on it. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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