Truthfully Biased but Fair


Truthfully Biased but Fair

If you’ve been following my RTM blogs you will clearly see that they are biased and slanted toward DJT, while attempting to be fair and balanced without pulling any punches. I do have a habit of adding a bit of satirical flair mixed in with some good old fashioned truckside humor. I base my comments on research, observation and countering obvious lies and misstatement of the truth by fake news pundits and talking media heads.

I have been writing for quite some time and occasionally posting letters to the editor in my local hometown newspaper no longer in business after being bought out by a Gazette franchise. I have written about and to the past three presidents over the past ten years and to be honest the only one to return a non-generic response letter was #45. That brings me to why I began blogging in 2017.

I wanted an outlet to post my writings online and found a suitable blog site and on December 15, 2017 posted my first political blog “Be Careful What You Ask For” as a push back to the MSM’s war on Trump. After 11 months of the constant back and forth, the nitpicking of every action, deed, tweet or word that came from DJT, the White House or his administration I felt compelled to present a side that was missing in their news reports – the truth! For those who read all my pro-Trump blogs keep that in mind.

If you have recently begun following my RTM blogs or have simply gotten caught up in the fervor tighten up you belt, grab another cup of coffee and hold on for the ride.

One comment said something to the effect that if we had a Democrat writing about these subjects readers would have a more balanced view of Trump (Well that’s not exactly what he said) but it’s more like what he meant. It’s a good point, but that is the issue there are basically no Democrats writing factually balanced articles about Trump. Most who call themselves investigative reporters or journalists seem to be fed the same story and many choose to repeat it verbatim. I challenge anyone to dig deeper beyond the headlines.

I’ve read articles, watched video interviews and speeches made by Trump well before he decided to run for political office. In almost every case those articles were mostly favorable, excluding the tabloids.

Yet after January 20, 2017 not one favorable article has been published or pushed by MSM. So called journalists have violated every code of good journalism in order to be seen as on board the dump Trump train.

It is now September 2021 and after 8 months of Biden’s presidency what has changed? In my opinion the media has gone into “protect the senior president” mode where his favorite flavor of ice cream merits more print and air time than Trump’s orchestrating the historic “Abraham Accords” of peace in the Middle East. Even Biden’s wrong doing as Obama’s VP have yet to be addressed by the DOJ under Trump or Biden. The latest craze is a trifecta of National Security, the open border, Afghanistan and the virus mandates on the American people that clearly affect every American citizen, every migrant and the health of the nation. I haven’t even mentioned the election fraud and tampering from the 2020 presidential election, or what could turn into a repeat in the 2022 midterms or the 2024 presidential election if corrective action isn’t done first.

I tried to give better coverage of Biden’s first 100 days than was given Trump, but I’m sorry this hasn’t been a good period in America’s history. Everything that Biden has done to reverse Trump policies, economic or foreign affairs policies have been costly to our nation.

One of my latest RTM blogs American Presidents at War highlights in my opinion how presidents in my lifetime have fared in office.

If you feel the need to become politically active and put your thoughts down on paper, do your best to stick to the facts and not make assumptions based on misinformation or spite. Back up what you claim and be both fair and balanced. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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