Do You Remember When?


Do You Remember When?

During the 2020 campaign and the Presidential Debates Trump was characterized as a womanizer, a racist and a hater of immigrants among other false accusations. A high priced hooker came out saying he paid her off to keep her quiet. Maybe she thought blackmail was just another way of doing business.

After the inauguration America was subject to:

  • The infamous Russian Collusion hoax,
  • The Mueller Inquisition, followed by
  • Impeachment 1.0,
  • The Ukrainian phone call hoax, then
  • Insurrection 1.0, immediately followed by
  • Impeachment 2.0

All had the same underlying problem, Insufficient or nonexistent evidence to convict a sitting president.

Congressional leaders on both sides of the isle began running interference on Trumps domestic and foreign policy decision. They opposed his advice and recommendations on fixing “broken” immigration laws, and accused him of bringing America closer to a war with our enemies, all the while ignored his historic summits and peace accords. His every interaction with world leaders was supposedly a breach of protocol and on the verge of treason.

The media was more than complicit in this assault on the president by enabling and in some cases orchestrating the verbal trashing of his character, his family, his administration and pushing the big lie concerning the stolen 2020 election.

Every act or action taken by the reactionary members of congress against Trump was at worst the very definition of Insurrection and at best an active coup to take out or prevent Trump’s peaceful administration of the office of the President of the United States.

And some say Trump was a “divider-in-chief” and I’d have to vehemently disagree. I’d call him the “exposer-in-chief” who brought the deep state out from the depths of the deep swamp.

Unlike your average run of the mill politicians who play in the sand, Trump builds sand castles and is a visionary with the wherewithal to take that vision and bring it to fruition.

I remember when everything Trump had been accused of doing as president came from the Biden political playbook.

Biden’s political colleagues are simply blind to the lies and political bully pulpit tactics he has used throughout his 37+ years in “public service” as a politician representing the state of Delaware in congress. It would have been better had Biden “retired” after his term as Obama’s VP, than to chance soiling his political career as a feeble and often incoherent president of the “USS Titanic”! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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