How Could God?


How Could God?

I know what you’re thinking, but let me answer with this – God can do anything because He’s God!

We believe the bible is true cover to cover and we are cautioned not to change even one word in the bible. That being said there are religions who take scripture and where nothing is written they insert doctrine or church teachings that taken at face value render the entire bible invalid.

According to Old Testament scripture every year the people brought their perfect offering of blood to the priest, who in turn went from the outer court into the inner court to present those blood offerings to God. The priest would have a rope tied around his waist and be in the inner court all day interceding for the people. Should the priest’s offering not be found acceptable in the sight of the Lord he would die immediately and would be pulled out from the inner court? On the other hand the people anxiously awaited the appearance of the priest.

The bible tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Some believe that Mary’s birth was sinless and how could God in His Divinity, Jesus Christ, reside in Mary for 9 months if she were stained with sin?

This is a question worth asking for sure.

We are not told about Mary’s birth or life and thus it is subject to speculation. Mary had to be a devout Jew, following the teachings of her faith so we might assume that Mary’s heart was pure in God’s eyes for in his perfect timing he chose her to be the mother of Jesus.

Now how could it be possible for Mary a sinful woman to carry in her womb and birth the sinless child named Jesus? Could this be in direct contradiction to scripture?

If it is true that Mary, mother of Jesus, was sinless, as some teach, then the Bible is not true and God is a liar. Jesus could not be the way, the truth and the life he said he was nor could he have been the sacrifice and payment for sin.

Back to Old Testament scripture when the priest emerged it would be cause for celebration as the offerings were found to please God. It meant that the forgiveness of sin was retroactive for the entire year past. The offering by Mary’s father submitted to the priest having been acceptable to God was all that was needed for God to find Mary’s sin covered by the blood sacrifice.

The birth and sinless life of Jesus set the stage for God to change the sacrifice of an animal blood offering which retroactively covered the sin of the people, to that of the sinless sacrifice of Jesus who forgive the sin of all mankind pro-actively covering all sin past, present and future for all who believe and accept Jesus sacrifice. When God looks at us – he sees the blood of his Son Jesus and we are holy in his sight.


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