Divide and Conquer Christianity


Divide and Conquer Christianity

There was a time when early Christians were followers of “The Way” (Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life and nobody comes to the father except through me.”) With everyone looking for members of this cult (Jewish religious and Romans) it was simple either you were or you weren’t a follower of Christ.

Soldiers know that to conquer an enemy force a common tactic often begins with divide the enemy into smaller isolated groups and attack until they are no longer a threat.

The same is true in the spiritual realm. Is it even possible to identify the religious denominations, factions or splinter groups all being called or identified with the name of Christ? Compounding the issue of taking the good news to the four corners of the globe is something called tradition, sacred rights and rituals and doctrine that makes it all but impossible to follow the path taken by Jesus or to know the way.

The bible is clear, seek and you will find, trust and obey and when you have done all you can do, to stand on the word of God, especially when the world takes a hard left turn. We are told to pray without ceasing (keep on praying) and believing that God is and he hears our prayers and because he hears he will answer they prayers of his people. Some prayers are answered quickly and others take a bit longer, but in God’s timing they are never late or left unanswered, just not always answered the way we expected.

The forces of evil are expert tacticians who will hammer away with trivial things that tear down rather than build up. When we let that get a foothold in the body of believers we end up fighting amongst ourselves instead of attacking the enemy. Those who know Jesus as their personal savior are not the enemy no matter where they meet or call themselves. In the end there will be no section in heaven where you’ll find Baptists, Catholics or Evangelicals congregating, there will only be those who have placed their trust in Jesus and have been washed by the blood.


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