Fair-Weather Friends


Fair-Weather Friends

Everyone has them even reading this blog you can picture in your mind the friend(s) who are closer than a brother. Until the time you’re going through hard times and you need a shoulder to cry on, but find yourself all alone. Then there’s the high school buddy who’d face off the bully in your stead because that’s what friends do.

It’s been said that in life you can’t always pick your friends, but you can’t afford to not recognize your enemies (DJT – 2017). The song “Smiling Faces” (The Temptations – 1971) comes to mind when I think about those claiming to be your friends all the while stabbing you in the back – and with a smile.

During my military service there were times when difficult deployments or training exercises brought together those who suffered through it and survived. We were on top of the world, at least until the next one. When your focus is outside yourself it brings people together like a band of brothers.

Without those moments the infighting can tear apart even the closest of friends. In light of the political climate we experience today it doesn’t take much of a spark to cause a devastating forest fire.

Someone once coined the phrase “Brothers Forever” which sounds and makes you feel good but when the storms come (and they will) – these fair-weather friends are often nowhere to be found.

Just to be clear – right, wrong or indifferent Every Veteran is my brother-in-arms by virtue of swearing the oath, putting on the uniform and placing our country ahead of self. That doesn’t mean I condone or support them when they “Go Rogue” or act in a disgraceful manner. But in a pinch there is no one I’d rather have with me in a foxhole or facing down a rowdy crowd – than a fellow Veteran.

Every cloud has a silver lining – and I’ve got your six!


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