Something Out of Nothing


Something Out of Nothing

Now somebody explain to me how it’s not feasible to hook up an alternator/generator to an electric car to charge the battery as you are driving? How is there any difference than with an internal combustion engine? I’ve been told that it would be against the law of physics.

If that’s the case change the law – politicians do it all the time.

Seriously a Tesla owner explained that driving drains the battery, but letting off the accelerator (braking) charges the battery. I said to him that is only possible for a short distance before forward motion ceases as does charging the battery.

While talking to my brother (he’s a master inventor by necessity), he said (and I agree) hooking up a generator from each wheel and through a voltage regulator could easily send electricity back into the battery. Since electric cars are somewhere around 400 volts, 4 each 100 watt generators or 2 each 200 watt generators properly connected should do the trick.

To add a little insurance, take the car to a body shop to have it “wrapped” in solar panel skin that also goes through the voltage regulator and that’s icing on the cake, right?

When the battery is 80% – 90 % charged the regulator breaks the contacts preventing the battery from overcharging.

I’m no scientific genius but if Elon Musk wants, I could draw him a neat little picture so his engineers could eagerly bark up that tree. And you don’t have to thank me now, but my bank account number ends in #5551212….. –


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